52 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

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Travelling alone is my favourite way to travel. My first overseas trip was solo and ever since then I have loved setting off on solo adventures around the world. Travelling alone has changed my life and it will change yours too.

Here are 52 reasons why you should travel alone:

  1. You get to do what you want when you want
  2. You don’t have to wait for anyone else to wake up and get ready
  3. You can eat anywhere you want
  4. You will find your true passion because the decisions you make will be your own
  5. The places you go and adventures you take will be the ones you want to do
  6. You will make more friends travelling alone – these are my tips for making friends as a solo traveller
  7. You will come across more opportunities to join in on other peoples adventures
  8. You are more spontaneous
  9. You get better at talking to people
  10. You learn to put yourself out there
  11. You will find that you are never truly alone – there are other solo travellers everywhere
  12. You will become more self aware
  13. Travelling alone teaches you independence
  14. You will become a confident decision maker
  15. You will overcome your fears and do things you never imagined possible
  16. You will learn to love yourself
  17. Your will become grateful for everything you have, at home and on the road
  18. You will find new strength in dealing with bad situations
  19. You will learn how to deal with the unknown
  20. You will become more flexible
  21. You will adapt to change
  22. Your sense of direction will improve
  23. You will learn to stand up for yourself when needed
  24. You will be pushed to the limit
  25. You will gain a deeper respect for nature and the world we live in
  26. You will appreciate different cultures
  27. You will respect others ways of life and ask questions with interest rather than criticism
  28. You will stop worrying about what other people think about you
  29. You will see that the world isn’t so scary
  30. You will learn to make things happen
  31. Your view of the world will change
  32. You will develop an open mind and open heart
  33. You will learn to dream big – this is my dream
  34. You will find newfound belief in yourself
  35. You’ll learn to trust yourself and your instincts
  36. You can go at your own pace
  37. You’ll never be satisfied with your 9-5 job again
  38. You’ll stop buying material things
  39. You will spend your money on travel and creating memories instead
  40. You’ll take more risks
  41. You will learn to love hostels – 5 reasons why I love hostels
  42. You will become a master at planning
  43. You will become more decisive
  44. You will learn to appreciate the little things in life – sunset, sunrise, nature
  45. Life will slow down as you learn what is important
  46. You will learn that money doesn’t buy happiness, the less you have the happier you are.
  47. You will gain so much confidence in yourself
  48. You will learn patience
  49. You will learn to say no
  50. You’ll make lifelong friendships
  51. Travelling alone is empowering
  52. The experience will be YOURS!

Have I convinced you yet?

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10 thoughts on “52 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

    • atravellersfootsteps Post author

      You should go for it Diana, group travel can be great but it can also be really restrictive. Let me know how you find your first solo trip!

  • Bernadette Jackson

    It’s a whole different experience, isn’t it? I love the sense of self-reliance that comes from a solo journey completed, and so many more of the points you make show that solo travel is so worthwhile. Adventures shared are great too, but I’d never give up my solo travel completely.

    • atravellersfootsteps Post author

      It is a very different experience! I love the freedom of solo travel but do love travelling with people now and then. Thank you for your lovely comment

  • Pavel Angelov

    Now that’s a great post with some good reasons! I’ve done myself a few trips on my own and I find them very relaxing and I did came across few of the reasons you mentioned. Looking forward for my next trip alone 😉

    • atravellersfootsteps Post author

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 Most of my overseas trips have been solo. I never wanted to travel alone but never had anyone to go with so just went for it and fell in love! I’m also looking forward to my next solo trip!