You Can Afford To Travel

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I often get asked how I can afford to travel so much, and I hear the statement “I can’t afford to travel” even more.


The truth is, anyone can afford to travel, it is all about priorities.


In 2014 I spent 6-month road tripping from Lake Louise to San Francisco along the west coast of the USA and through countless national parks. I backpacked through Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico. I then flew back to Canada and spent two months camping around British Colombia before returning to Australia. In this 6 months, I spent $12,000.


It’s ironic that people who spend $25,000 on a car can believe they can’t afford to travel. I could travel the world for 1 one year with that much money.


If you want to travel and are willing to sacrifice other things, you will do it.


For example…


If you drink a cup of coffee every day, that $5 a day, $35 a week and $1,820 in a year. I know… RIDICULOUS isn’t it.


Say you get your nails done every fortnight. That’s $50 a fortnight, $1, 350 a year.


How often do you go out a week and how much do you spend? You might go out twice a week and spend $100 each time, that’s $10, 400 a year right there.


When I started saving for travel, I sacrificed coffee every day (carry tea bags to work and uni), expensive night out at bars (not that you can’t have fun with no money) and a new piece of clothing every week. I saved $15,000 in 18 months, whilst living out of home.


If you want to travel, and you think you cant save, think again. 


A Complete Guide to Affording Travel


A Guide to affording travel


I have developed a complete Guide to Affording Travel that teaches you all the strategies I use to save money, create a travel budget and plan my dream trips! In this book you will learn:


  • Proven strategies to help you save money fast
  • Advice on assessing your budget and creating an action plan
  • A 7-step guide to creating a travel budget – including a printable sheet
  • Destination-specific budget advice
  • Information on the best budgeting and travel resources
  • The travel hacks I use to save thousands of dollars

Get the Guide to Affording Travel


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