The Best Working Holiday Destinations for Australians

Working Holidays for Australians – The Best Destination to Travel to on your Working Holiday

Working holidays are a great (and affordable) way to travel the world long term. After you decide to go on a working holiday, the next challenge will be choosing the best destination for you. To help you make this life-changing decision, I have compiled a list of some of the best destinations to go on a working holiday for Australians. 




I might be biased, but Canada is my top pick for working holiday destinations for Australians. I have been on two working holidays in Canada, you can read all about my experience and advice here.


Canada is home to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and some of the best snowboarding conditions in the world, a contrast to Australia. If you plan to go on a working holiday in Canada during the summer, say hello to long sunny days, perfect for hiking, exploring and camping.


Some of the best destinations in Canada include Lake Louise, Banff, Whistler, Revelstoke and Kelowna.


See my working holiday checklist for Australians moving to Canada.


Working Holidays for Australians – The Best Destination to Travel to on your Working Holiday


New Zealand


Just a few hours east of Australia, across the Tasman Sea is New Zealand, home to beautiful landscape, lush nature and remarkable natural phenomena. The country is known as Aotearoa – the land of the long white cloud, you’ll know what I mean when you fly in.


The great thing about doing a working holiday in New Zealand is the fact that Australians don’t need to go through a long or expensive visa process, New Zealand is happy to accommodate their Australian neighbours.


If you’re looking for the perfect city to base yourself in, the North Island has Auckland and the South Island has Christchurch. Or you could move to a smaller town for a unique experience. And don’t forget Queenstown, the adventure capital.


New Zealand has managed to maintain its amazing natural wonders and captivating Māori culture, while also integrating tourist appeal and a widespread of things to do, see and get involved with. Making New Zealand perhaps one of the best and easiest working holiday destinations for Australians.


Read more about a Working Holiday in New Zealand. 


Working Holidays for Australians – The Best Destination to Travel to on your Working Holiday




The UK is as close to home as Australian’s can get in terms of culture. There are heaps of like-minded people, whether it be locals or travellers. So, you’ll likely feel right at home. That isn’t to say you won’t find new and exciting people, places and cultures, but the UK will likely feel like a home away from home.


With an abundance of history and places to see, you’ll never be bored. Whether your trekking through the busy streets of London or marvelling in the rolling hills, the UK has something for everyone.


And there’s plenty of pubs around the UK, so a common thing to do is find work in one. Because, if you like beer, why not work with beer? It only makes sense.


But if that doesn’t suit you, see some of the most common working holiday jobs here.


Working Holidays for Australians – The Best Destination to Travel to on your Working Holiday




Immerse yourself in Italian culture as you work and live in the land of pizza and pasta. You could pick up work in Positano, Milan, Turin, and other cities in northern Italy.


Home to the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and a heap of other historic charms, Italy is definitely a country that doesn’t lack places to see.


Italy also has loads of natural wonders! Beautiful coastlines, rugged Alps, and hiking trails that are lead through pine forests and beside stunning lakes. It’s as picture-perfect as you can imagine.


Every weekend when you get a break from your work schedule, you will definitely find different places to visit, and the trains in Italy are really convenient and relatively cheap, so getting around is easy!


Working Holidays for Australians – The Best Destination to Travel to on your Working Holiday




Another popular destination for a working holiday for Australians is Japan. Well-known for their ski-fields, Japan boasts breath-taking terrain and sensational slopes. Japan has a healthy intake of foreigners working at their countless ski-resorts, so Japan may well be a perfect place to work and play.


The country is rich in culture and friendly people, it’s just the language barrier that you will have to overcome. But, it’ll all be worth it once you settle in and experience everything Japan has to offer.


If you’re not up in the slopes, you can also find work in restaurants, cafes and factories. And, for those more adventurous, you can also find work on farms in rural Japan. There are also opportunities for those qualified to work as language teachers and sports instructors.


Working Holidays for Australians – The Best Destination to Travel to on your Working Holiday




Norway is well-known for being a safe, peaceful country that boasts a good welfare system, making it a very attractive place to live and work.


What is also attractive is the natural beauty that is on show around the country. Norway has some of the most beautiful landscape, making the country a masterpiece of nature. Glaciers, mountains and waterfalls are all in abundance around the country, as well as the northern lights, the midnight sun and quiet national parks that highlight Norway’s tranquillity.


Norway has an innovative business sector, meaning finding a job in technology, the maritime industry and many other trades will be easy to find. 


Working Holidays for Australians – The Best Destination to Travel to on your Working Holiday


Working Holidays for Australians – extra tips


  •  Create a travel budget before your trip to ensure you have enough fund to cover you.
  • Check out this working holiday checklist for Australians moving overseas.
  • Pre-plan – arrange a job and accommodation before you arrive.
  • Research the destination and prepare for cultural differences
  • Pack according to the weather. Just because it’s summer in Australia, doesn’t mean it is in Canada.
  • See the Australian Government website for more information about working holidays for Australians and the countries we have agreements with.


Please note, to be eligible for an Australian Working Holiday Visa you must:


  • Be aged between 18 and 30
  • Have a passport holder with at least six months valid
  • Have enough funds for a return or onward fare, and enough funds for the first part of your stay


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Working Holidays for Australians

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