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Wineglass Bay Lookout is the postcard image of Tasmania. Almost every tourist will have Wineglass bay on their itinerary, and for good reason, it is stunning. Wineglass Bay lookout is located within Freycinet National Park on the East Coast of Tasmania, nestled within a granite mountain range known as the Hazards and surrounded by long stretches of white sand beaches. Wineglass bay trail leads to a lookout that offers panoramic views over Wineglass Bay and the surrounding national park. This blog is a guide to hiking to Wineglass Bay lookout.

Arriving to Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay Lookout is a 2 hour drive from Hobart, so I suggest an early start if this is where you are based. If you have the option, I would stay in Freycinet National Park for a night or two as there is so much to explore in the area.

Below is a map that you can follow to the Wineglass Bay lookout trailhead.

Hiking to Wineglass Bay Lookout

From the car park, Wineglass bay lookout is a moderate 45 minute (1.5km) hike, one way. There is signage everywhere so it is hard to get lost, and you can always follow the crowd as Wineglass Bay Lookout trail is a busy one. The trail is mostly exposed so I suggest wearing sunscreen and packing lots of water. The trail is a consistent incline and has some stairs but is suitable for most fitness types. The view from the top is worth the hike. The round trip length of this trail is 3kms and takes a total of 1.5hours.

Wineglass Bay Lookout

Wineglass Bay Lookout

Hiking to Wineglass Bay Lookout

Things to pack for the Wineglass Bay Lookout Trail

Pack sunscreen, lots of water, your swimmers and a towel, camera and Go Pro and snacks.

Other Hiking Trails at Wineglass Bay

The majority of people do the Wineglass Bay Lookout Trail then leave Freycinet National park. For the adventurers and avid hikers, there is so much more to explore. From Wine Glass Bay Lookout you can continue down to Wineglass Beach, across the Isthmus Track and around to Hazards Beach Track. There is also a trail that leads you across Mount Graham and Mount Freycinet and back to Hazards Beach, which would be an overnight + hike. See the map below.

Wineglass Bay Trail map

Wineglass Bay Lookout and Beach

From Wineglass Bay Lookout, the trail to Wineglass Beach is an extra 45 minutes (1.5kms) one way. The trail is made up of a series of stairs and the decline is steep, which means so is the incline. I would class this trail as strenuous and suitable for people with a level of fitness.  Despite the challenge of the hike, the inviting turquoise waters, white sand beach and red rock formations are worth it. Wineglass Bay Beach is rated as one of the top 10 beaches in the world, and due to the difficulty in accessibility, it is a really quiet beach.  The total length of the Wineglass Bay lookout and beach trail is 6kms and 2.5 hours, however you can easily add an extra hour on for the time you will spend at the beach.

Wineglass Bay Beach and lookout trail

Wineglass Bay Lookout and Beach hike

Wineglass Bay Lookout and Beach

Wineglass Bay – Hazards Beach Circuit

This trail leads from Wineglass Bay Beach across the Isthmus to Hazards Beach. The return to the car park from hazard Beach is long and only suited to experienced hikers. The trail is 11kms return and takes around 5 hours. Along the way you will experience outstanding views, pristine beaches, colourful coastal heathland, lagoons, birdlife and secluded coves.

Peninsula Circuit 

This is the overnight trail which leads you from Wineglass Bay Beach, across Mount Graham and Mount Freycinet and back to Hazards Beach and requires you to pack camping supplies. This is one of Tasmania’s great bushwalks and is ideally done over three days, giving you time to climb Mount Freycinet and explore the beaches. It is suitable for very fit, experience hikers and campers.

Mt Amos

Mt Amos has a different starting point, as you can see from the map. The trail leads to the top of Mt Amos offering panoramic views of Oyster Bay and Freycinet Peninsular. This trail takes 3 hours return and is extremely steep and suited to physically fit and experienced hikers. This is a less popular trail and great if you are looking to escape the crowds.

Take a Tour to Wineglass Bay

From Hobart: This tour leaves from Hobart and includes Wine Glass Bay lookout, Honey Moon Bay, Sleepy Bay and Cape Tourville Lighthouse. Book here…

Looking for a tour from Launceston to Hobart via Wineglass Bay? This one is for you, book here. 

Are you staying in Hobart?

Mount Field National Park is a short drive from Hobart and is home to stunning waterfalls, rainforest and wildlife. If you have time, check it out!

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While you are in the area make sure you check out Friendly Beaches, Honeymoon and Sleepy bay. Some of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen.

Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park

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