What Stops People From Moving Overseas

Packing for South America

I have come to the conclusion that these are the two main reasons people don’t travel long term or move overseas to live and work.


What Stops People From Travelling

People genuinely fear leaving their complacent and routine lifestyles and stepping into the unknown.

Getting a working VISA and a one-way ticket to a new country is to some people the most exciting thing to do, but for others the scariest.

It scares people because of the risks involved, not knowing what job they will get when they arrive, not knowing where they will live and not having friends.

This fear of the unknown literally stops people from travelling, but it shouldn’t, because you NEVER know what opportunities are just around the corner.

You may end up in a better position overseas then you were in at home. You might just find your dream job or meet the person of your dreams, how will you know unless you give it a go?

Having faith in your skills and ability to find the same if not better job overseas is the first step to succeeding in moving overseas. Believe you can and you will be able to. The worst-case scenario is things don’t work out so you return home to the exact position you were in before you left.


What Stops People From Travelling

Fear is a major holdback for many people, but for others the fear is based around  “success”.

We believe we should finish high school, go to University, get a career, meet our loves and finally buy a house and have children. I have so many friends who are set in this path, and wouldn’t consider moving abroad because it would impact their road to “success”.

But how is success really measured? By social status? Your job title? Or the car you drive? I have come to realize that none of this matters, because in the end we are still the same people with the same values and beliefs. And success doesn’t equal happiness.

The day I took value away from material possessions and placed value in friendships and experiences, I became a much happier person.

If people took a step back and realized that happiness, friendships and experiences are more valuable than success; we would live in a much happier world.

Sure, we all want to succeed, but it shouldn’t stop us from exploring and adventuring in our youth.

And the truth is, rushing into a career as opposed to taking a year or two off really won’t excel your success any quicker than someone who has taken time off, because employers REALLY DO value world experience.

Just remember that you can’t get back the hours you spent in the office as opposed to in the mountains and at the beach during your 20’s. Now I know where I’ll be spending most my 20’s.

Don’t fear the unknown aspects of moving overseas; embrace them with an open heart and open mind and who knows what opportunities might arise.

The photo at the top was taken in Lake Louise on my first working holiday in Canada. 

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