Travel VS Education

Travel VS education

We are raised into a world full of ideologies that force us to make decisions based upon stereotypes of the “right or perfect way of life”. But what is that? What are the right choices to make? Should we be placing more value on our education and career as opposed to our happiness and quality of life in our early 20’s, undoubtedly the best time of our lives?

During my childhood, like most other people, I believed I would finish school, take a gap year, go to university, get a degree, get a boyfriend, get a full-time job, get a nice big house on the beach, then finally have children. Blahhh. Now at 21, I couldn’t think of anything worse than rushing into all this commitment.

When I was younger, I never considered other options, but now I can see so much more to the world than what we were ever told about during school. It makes me wonder, why do we all get so caught up in settling and being comfortable that we forget to enjoy ourselves, take risks, have fun, dream big and see the world.

I have travelled for 2 years, or should I see I have taken 2 gap years. I have also completed 2 years of a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Sustainable Tourism. I can say that what I learnt during my travels well exceeded what I paid to learn in the classroom.

I just arrived back to Australia to finish my last year of University, and in a realisation of my unhappiness, it brings me to that same question, why am I placing more value on my education and career than my happiness, at such an important stage of my life. I mean does it really make a big difference if I graduate at 22 or 24? Cause I feel like what I learn from other cultures, countries and experiences abroad is shaping my personality and employability a lot more than what I learn in a lecture room or textbook. Don’t get me wrong, I love University and I will finish one day, but what’s the rush?

“I believe we should all travel young, take the risk while we have no commitment, go as far and for as long as we can, and with as little baggage as we need.”

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Travel VS Education

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