Travel or a Holiday?

Travel or holiday

This one goes out to all my fellow travellers, who have sold everything they own, packed their life into a bag and set off on an adventure around the world, most likely on a one-way ticket!

We have left everything behind to backpack around the world, exploring other destinations and cultures in a way much different to those who have been on a holiday.

For those of you who take a two-week trip overseas each year and stay in a 4/5 star resort, I hate to break it to you, but you haven’t travelled in the same way as me.

Travelling to me is when you fully immerse yourself in one’s culture, you stay in homestays, learn the local language (the basics), eat food from the local stalls and take public transport as the locals do. For me, these experiences are what connect you to another countries way of life and ultimately makes you appreciate home that much more.

As I write this blog, I am about to depart on my first holiday, so to speak. I am heading off to Bali for a two-week holiday and for the first time ever, I will be spoiling myself and staying in resorts, indulging in spa days and the usual adventure packed activities of course. (Stay tuned)

I have never travelled in this way. When I backpacked around South and Central America, I did it in a totally different way. I did anything I could to save a dollar so I could travel for an extra day. I stayed in-home stays, ate where the locals ate and took the public buses. At times this was overwhelming, but to me, it was all a part of the backpacking experience. It was an amazing experience and changed my entire life.

When I returned home, I literally cried at the thought of being able to turn the tap on and drink water, flush toilet paper down the toilet and access public bathrooms and showers on the beach. These are luxuries that most of the world don’t have, but something most Australians wouldn’t think twice about. Travelling gave me a newfound appreciation for life and immense gratitude that I continue to feel every day knowing how blessed I am.

I urge you to travel and see the world through other peoples eye. It will change your life.

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