5 reasons why a travel budget is essential for long term travel

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If you’re planning an epic adventure around the world, let me assure you that a travel budget is essential.


Without a travel budget in place, you can very easily spend much more money than expected (or than you have), which can leave you stressed. This is the last thing you want to feel when you are travelling.


These are the reasons why a travel budget is essential for long-term travel.

You need to be realistic with your plans


By setting yourself a travel budget, you will understand how much money you have and what you can do with that money. It is easy to look at a world map and point to all the places you want to go, but actually understanding how much it costs to get in between A and B and support yourself in that destination is what will allow you to make realistic travel plans. If you’re starting a trip with $10,000 you might feel like you can do it all, but if you aren’t careful that money will be gone before you know it.


My Guide to Affording Travel comes with a printable worksheet that will guide you through all the steps of creating a travel budget.

If you don’t have a budget (and stick to it) you could come home early


Imagine if you got halfway through your trip and had to fly home early because you ran out of cash and maxed out your credit card. You may laugh, but this is surprisingly common. When people set off with unrealistic plans, sometimes it does result in a shortened trip. By understanding your financial situation and budget, you can ensure you’re dream trip isn’t cut short. Sometimes it is as simple as saying no to that second scoop of gelato every day or taking the bus instead of flying.

Coming home in debt is not fun


Trust me, I have been there! Dealing with the post-travel blues is hard enough without having financial stress on top of it. Every good travel budget should allow you to come home with money, not debt. If you get home and still have to pay for your trip, it means it will be even longer before you travel again!


A guide to affording travel


If you have never created a travel budget before, my Guide to Affording Travel will walk you through the steps of calculating your initial expenses, forecasting your daily budget and planning for contingencies.


A Guide to affording travel


In this book you will learn:

  • Proven strategies to help you save money fast
  • Advice on assessing your budget and creating an action plan
  • A 7-step guide to creating a travel budget – including a printable sheet
  • Destination-specific budget advice
  • Information on the best budgeting and travel resources
  • The travel hacks I use to save thousands of dollars

Get the Guide to Affording Travel here.


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A Travel Budget is essential for long term travel

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