Top 15 Instagram Spots in Sri Lanka

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This article was written by Neha Singh from Dubai Wikia.

Sri Lanka is one of the most picturesque islands on our planet. Its pristine beaches, incredible landscapes, rock formations, temples and villages beg you to take pictures of them. Sunrises and sunsets are magnificent on this island; even ordinary everyday objects such as fishing boats look great when shot against a fantastic sunset. Sri Lanka presents several such opportunities for the camera-savvy, insta-aware photographer. Let’s take a look at some of the best Instagram spots in Sri Lanka.

1. Yala National Park

Yala National Park has a healthy population of leopards, sloth bears, elephants and even rare pangolins. This national park has some stunning landscapes, such as amazing Elephant Rock. You’ll also find some of the island’s most luxurious lodges here, which look great in a shot, such as Chena Huts and Wild Coast Tented Lodge.

2. The Colonial Town of Galle

The colonial town of Galle near Unawatuna has many instagrammable opportunities. There’s a beautiful lighthouse along the beach, which makes for a perfect shot at sunrise or sunset. The town itself ispicturesque, with stalls selling colourful fruit and souvenirs along the streets. The beaches are beautiful with their rugged coasts.

3. Little Adam’s Peak

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Little Adam’s Peak in Ella is a shot you must take early in the morning. Hike up to the top and shoot the view from there, or find a place at a distance to take a long shot of the beautiful peak. Another amazing hike in Ella is Ella Rock, pictured below.

4. Fishermen on Stilts

In Sri Lanka, fishermen fish for their daily catch by balancing on wooden stilts in the water. Though this is how some earn their living, it seems as though a bunch of actors on stilts in the water, waiting for tourists to pass by. Regardless, it makes for a cool instagrammable picture if you manage to catch the fishermen, especially at the stroke of sunrise. You will most commonly find these fishermen between Mirissa and Unawatuna.

5. Turtles On The Beach

Sri Lankan turtles are huge, and centuries old in some cases. If you take a walk along the southern coast, you may get to see these turtles basking in the early morning sunlight. The best place to find these turtles is in Mirissa or Hikkaduwa. In Hikkaduwa they actually have a turtle sanctuary, but I didn’t think it was ethic and therefore wouldn’t recommend visiting. Instead, take a long beach walk and hope to capture a picture of a large turtle surrounded by the ocean, or baby turtles desperately trying to get into the water.

6. The Train Track

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Sri Lanka’s rural train tracks wind through tea estates and lush red mud, creating the perfect photo opportunitie. A shot of someone walking carefree and happy on the train tracks seems to be a popular one on Instagram. Just be sure there’s no train on the way when you take the shot.

7. The Train Ride

Sri Lanka

Take the train route between Kandy and Ella to pass through some of the most beautiful tea fields in the world. Wait for the moment when the train curves around a bend as it slows for the next station. At this point, lean out of the door and get a friend to take a carefree snap of you suspended from the door with the lush tea fields in the background.

8. Any Beach at Sunrise

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Get the perfect beach shot early in the morning at sunrise, when the sun’s pale light drenches the palm trees and creates a halo around the ocean. Any beach will do, as long as it’s deserted and picturesque. The idea is to capture the beach as though it is suspended in time and no one ever goes there.

9. The Nine Arches Bridge

The Nine Arches Bridge near Ella is a picturesque colonial bridge through which trains pass regularly. You could wait for a train to pass through the bridge, lean over from the station and capture a long shot, taking a risk. Or, you could use a drone and capture the perfect shot of the train passing through the arches.

10. Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue

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The Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue is a giant statue that’s set at the top of beautiful navy blue and terracotta tile steps. The steps make for the perfect insta shot, with the Buddha in the background. Take a shot from the bottom of the steps, being sure to get a full coverage of the huge white Buddha.

11. Sigiriya

The Lion Rock Fortress was built in the fifth century by King Kasyapa, atop a 180-meter-high granite rock with scary sheer drops on all sides. The best place to get a shot of Sigiriya is from Pidurangala Rock.

12. Dambulla

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Explore the exquisite cave temples at Dambulla, where over 157 statues, paintings and murals depict the story of Buddha’s life. Take a great shot of the 14-meter reclining Buddha statue at the first Cave of the Divine King. The second Cave of Great Kings contains some magnificent rock paintings.

13. Nuwara Eliya and the Tea Plantations

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Hike among the beautiful green hill sidescovered with tea plantations. Visit century-old tea factories such as Storefield and watch out for the perfect shot. Stroll in the mountain town of Nuawa Eliya, also known as “Little England” owing to its lovely colonial buildings.

14. Anuradhapura

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Anuradhapura temple 🙏🏼

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16 square miles of ruins are laid out infront of you at Anuradhapura, dating back to 2,000 years and beyond. These ruins make for excellent insta-worthy shots. The ruins were once palaces, ancientcities and homes of monks. The massive 400 feet tall third-century Jetavanastupa was one of the tallest buildings of the ancient world.

15. The Swing

The swing is an old car tyre suspended from a tall tree overlooking the sea. The perfect shot is when you catch the movement of someone swinging on it, right over the sea, with the tall tree in the background. This perfect shot can be found at the Dallawella Beach near Unawatuna on the South Coast. The swing is one of the most recognizable, Instagram spots in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and there’s no dearth of insta-worthy shots here if you’re minded to take some. However, if you are a bit creative, and can imagine different looks out of ordinary objects, you can get more out of your shots in Sri Lanka.

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