The secret to a good flight: My tips For Flying

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We all love travelling to new destinations, flying there however can be another story. Luckily, there are some small things you can do to make a long flight seem a little less long. I suggest considering these tips for flying before your next trip.

Don’t arrive too early

Sure, you don’t want to arrive late either, but getting to the airport too early can make the whole flying process drag on longer than it needs to.

Don’t carry too much stuff

There is nothing worse than walking around the airport with a large amount of carry on luggage. Pack light so you can easily get around the airport, into the bathrooms and onto the plane without taking anyone out with your luggage. There are so many benefits of packing light. 

Carry headache tablets, lipgloss, moisturiser and a toothbrush close to you

These are essential flying items that you MUST have accessible at all times.

Request a window or aisle seat at the front of the plane

Being stuck in the middle of two strangers can be an uncomfortable experience, especially when you have to climb over them to get to the bathroom. I’m personally a window girl but can see the benefits of sitting in the aisle. I always try and get a seat at the front of the plane so I can be the first off.

Organise your bags

Keep your bags light and organised so you can find what you need with ease.

Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off

I hate getting stuck at the security point and having to struggle to get my shoes on and off.

Dress comfy

Comfort over style always when flying. I’m not afraid to wear my trackies and you shouldn’t be either.

Consider the climate of the destination you are flying into

If you are flying from winter at home to a summer destination (vice versa), have alternate clothes with you and get changed before you land. There is nothing worse than arriving at a hot destination feeling sweaty and muggy (or freezing your butt off). Unfortunately, the journey doesn’t end at the airport so you want to make it as comfortable for yourself as possible.

Take a good book

Always. I personally love to read lonely planet guides on my way to a new destination. It gets me pumped for the adventure ahead. Shop for Lonely Planet Guides here.

Load a good movie onto your laptop or Ipad 

Another good way to kill time on the killer flight. Shop for an Ipad here. 

Don’t drink the night before flying or on the plane

Being hungover on a plane is far from ideal and drinking on your flight can cause dehydration and 10 trips to the bathroom.

Keep hydrated

Water can be hard to come across on the plane but is super important. I always take an empty bottle through security and fill it up before I get on the plane. Shop for a water bottle here. 

Pack Snacks 

Pack some healthy snacks to avoid overpriced and unhealthy aeroplane food.

Avoid overeating

Especially unhealthy foods. There is nothing worse than feeling bloated on the plane.

Bring a neck pillow, eye mask and earphones

Whilst these may not be the most stylish items to carry, they can definitely help you get through the flight in comfort. Click the images below to shop.







Looking for the best travel neck pillow?

 Bring a power pack 

If you’re like me, a dead mobile just isn’t an option. Always carry a power pack. Some planes even have a USB port to charge your phone but to be safe always carry a power port. These are the best power banks and portable chargers for travellers. 

Now you know what you should pack for a flight, this is what NOT to pack. 

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6 thoughts on “The secret to a good flight: My tips For Flying

  • April

    This is amazing! I haven’t had a functioning laptop for a while now but now that I do I will definitely be downloading movies I actually want to watch on it before I jet off! I usually always just go in the hopes that a good movie will be available and if not I always refer back to my books. Thanks for the great tips!

  • Anisa

    Long flights can be tough but you have to be really careful about taking sleeping pills because you still need to make sure you get up every few hours. If you don’t you risk getting a blood clot (DVT) which could be very serious.

    • atravellersfootsteps Post author

      That is a great point, I honestly never thought about that. I personally never take sleeping tablets anyway!