Things to do in Samoa – 7 Day Samoa Itinerary

Things to do in Samoa - 7 day Samoa itinerary

7 days in Samoa is the perfect amount of time to experience all the Island has to offer. In just 7 days, you can experience the majority of things to do in Samoa, although if you would like a few days to relax, I recommend staying in Samoa for 9 days.

To follow this itinerary for Samoa, you will need to hire a car. A 4WD is advised as many roads are unsealed and bumpy. If you won’t be hiring a car, you can still visit many places I recommend, but may not be able to fit as much in, and won’t be able to access certain (and some of the best) places that aren’t on the bus line.

This 7 day Samoa itinerary is a guide. Feel free to mix it up and do day 1 on day 7 or day 3 on day 5. It in no way needs to be followed day by day and could be impacted by the weather and where you are staying on the island.

**If you are in the process of planning your trip to Samoa, this article will tell you everything you need to know about visiting.

This 7 day Samoa itinerary is designed to take you to the best places in Samoa, so let’s get into it!

Day 1 – Samoa itinerary

The most unique and unmissable attraction on Samoa is the To Sua Ocean Trench. To Sua Ocean trench is a pristine sea water ocean swimming hole, surrounded by lush greenery. To enter the ocean trench you will climb down a ladder, onto a platform that you can jump off to get into the warm, tropical water.

You should plan to spend half a day at To Sua Ocean Trench. See my full guide to visiting.

When you have finished at To Sua,  it’s time to chase waterfalls. Samoa is home to some of the most beautiful, and easily accessible waterfalls in the world.

Two of these happen to be nearby to To Sua Ocean Trench: Sopoaga Falls and Fuipisia Falls.

Sopoaga Falls was my favourite waterfall on the island. You pull up and can view the waterfall just a few steps from the carpark. Visitors must pay $10WST to visit.

Things to do in Samoa - 7 Day Samoa Itinerary

Fuipisia Falls is also impressive. This 55-metre waterfall plummets over the edge of the jungle, creating a stunning view. The cost of visiting is $20WST per person, a little overpriced if you ask me but you might as well check it out while you are in the area.

Things to do in Samoa - 7 Day Samoa Itinerary

And this is just the start of your adventures in paradise! If you’re staying in Apia you will have a few restaurants to choose from. Some of the best restaurants in Apia include Paddles Restaurant ($$$), Giordano’s Pizza ($$) and Gourmet Seafood ($).

Day 2 – Samoa itinerary

Another day in Samoa should be a dedicated beach day. I suggest starting your beach day at Black Sand Beach, the best beach on Upulo. Black Sand Beach is accessible only by 4WD, and because of this, there is a large chance that you will have the beach to yourself!

Things to do in Samoa - 7 Day Samoa Itinerary

Expect a short stretch of beach, within a cove, with perfect black sand and warm turquoise waters. Pack yourself a picnic and spend half a day relaxing in the sun and enjoying the warm salt water and fresh air.

After you finish up at the black sand beach, you may wish to head over to Tafatafa or Vaiula beach to experience a white sand beach.

Things to do in Samoa - 7 Day Samoa Itinerary

Day 3 – Samoa itinerary

Another great way to spend a day in Samoa is doing the Samoa Coastal Walk. The Samoa Coastal walk is a 1.8km return trail that follows the edge of Samoas volcano formed coastline. You will see unique rock formations and lava patterns along the coastline. See my full guide to the Coastal Walk.

Nearby to the coastal walk is Togitogiga Falls. This is the perfect place to cool down after your hike. Two small waterfalls flow into a perfect swimming pond.

Another attraction in the same vicinity is Ma Tree. From the Togitogiga visitor centre, Ma Tree is a 1.3 km walk and is one of Samoas oldest and largest trees.

Day 4 – Samoa itinerary

Another unique attraction to Samoa is the Giant Clam Conservatory. This is a natural conservatory, out in the open ocean. You can rent a snorkel and swim out over the coral reef to the Giant Clams. You can expect to see tropical fish and turtles on the adventure. The cost is $10WST per person and $5WST for snorkel hire. The Giant Clam Conservatory is one of the best things to do in Samoa.

Things to do in Samoa - 7 day Samoa Itinerary

After you find the giants clams, it would be the perfect opportunity to explore more of Samoas beaches and coastline.

You could spend the afternoon road tripping around the coastline, pulling it at every beach you see and staying for as long as your heart desires.

I circled the entire coast of Samoa and loved every minute of it. Some of my favourite parts of the coastline were Return to Paradise Beach, Coconut Beach and Saleapaga Beach. Even just spending the afternoon road tripping around the island will be a great adventure in itself.

Day 5 and 6 – Samoa itinerary

It’s time to visit Savaii. You could go for a day trip or an overnight trip, the choice is yours. As it does cost around $80WST to take your car over by ferry, it might be worth doing an overnight trip so you can experience all the Island of Savaii has to offer.

Some key attractions on Savaii include Afu Aau Waterfall, Mu Pagoa Waterfall, Alofa’aga Blowhole, Falelima Sea Arch, Lava tube, Peapea Cave, Mataolealelo Spring and Sale’aula Lava Fields.

A 4WD is recommended to explore the island of Savaii. You can expect less development and more traditional culture than Upulo.

Samoa itinerary

Day 7 – Samoa itinerary

For your final day in Samoa, more waterfalls await.

These final waterfalls are closest to Apia so you can spend more of your last day relaxing and less driving! (assuming you are staying in Apia).

Sliding Rocks are a 5-minute drive from Apia and are a small series of waterfalls, perfect for sliding down. If your an adventure seeker you won’t want to miss the sliding rocks.

Another waterfall close to Apia and one of the largest and most impressive on the island is Papapapita Falls. Papapapita Falls can only be viewed from a lookout above, so don’t expect to swim here, but do expect to be impressed.

Things to do in Samoa

This Samoa itinerary is designed to cover all the best things to do in Samoa. I can guarantee that this itinerary will leave you satisfied that you have seen all there is to see in Samoa.

Other things to do in Samoa

If you’re looking for more fun things to do in Samoa, here are some additional recommendations:

  • Scuba dive or snorkel in Samoa
  • Go Fishing in Samoa
  • Swim with the turtles in Samoa. You can do this at the Clam Conservatory, at Satoalepai Turtle Sanctuary on Savai’i or at the Malua Turtle Feeding Site.
  • Visit a local Samoan village
  • Road trip the island – find out why I love road trips. 
  • Do nothing – yep that’s right. Enjoy the relaxing island life in Samoa.
  • Learn to Surf in Samoa
  • Enjoy a traditional day spa in Samoa
  • Eat fresh seafood and drink fresh coconuts
  • Enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the ocean

With this itinerary and guide, I am certain that you will have no shortage of things to do in Samoa.

Things to do in Samoa

Planning a trip to Samoa

If you are planning a trip to Samoa and want to find out more about visas, accommodation, flights, car hire, things to do, insurance, budget and more, check out this guide to visiting Samoa and download the overseas travel checklist below.

Book Accommodation in Samoa

Arrange travel insurance for Samoa

Travel Insurance is a necessity when visiting Samoa. I recommend World Nomads.

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