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Margaret River is a region in Western Australia best known for it’s surfing beaches and countless wineries, but there is so much more to do in Margaret River than just that. This is a guide on things to do in Margaret River, including things to do in the greater Margaret River region, all the way from Dunsborough to Augusta.

So without further ado, this is the ultimate guide on things to do in Margaret River.

Things to do in Margaret River

Watch the surfers catch waves at Surfers Point

On most days you will see surfers out riding the huge waves at Surfers Point. Take a picnic down to the point and enjoy a few hours entertainment from the surfers, and admire the stunning coastlines. On a windy day, the surfers will be replaced by windsurfers.

Take the Prevelly walking trail

Things to do in Margaret River

This is one of the nicest sections of the Cape to Cape Trail, leading you from Surfers Point all the way to Gnarabup Beach along a paved, coastal trail. The views and unique coastal vegetation will excite you the entire way.

For those who don’t know, the Cape to Cape trail runs for 130 kilometres along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, between the lighthouses of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin.

Swim in Margaret River

The beaches surrounding Margaret River are surfing beaches, so the waves can be quite rough for swimmers. If the beaches of Margaret River are a bit too wild for you, you can swim in Margaret River. The River Mouth is found just near Surfers Point.

If you are looking for more calm waters, you can opt to head north to Eagle Bay and Meelup Beach or South to Hamelin Bay and Flinders Bay. More on these destinations below.

Go cellar door hoping

There are sooo many wineries in the region, so you should allow half or a full day for cellar door hoping. Most wineries offer free tastings from their cellar door so this is a great way to try the best wines of the region and buy your favourite to enjoy at sunset.

Have lunch at a brewery

Things to do in Margaret River

Not into wine? Fear not! Margaret River is also home to several craft breweries, including Cheeky Monkeys, Colonial Brewery and Black Brewing Co.

Visit the chocolate and cheese factories

And if your not into drinking at all, you can hit up the chocolate and cheese factories. Both offer free samples and lots of delicious options.

Explore the beaches

Some beaches in Margaret River include Surfers Point, Gnarabup Beach, Grunters Beach, Prevelly Beach and Redgate Beach. They are all unique and worth visiting if you have the time.

Go underground – Caving

A unique activity to do in Margaret River is caving. Within the region there are several caves waiting to be explored. These caves are all unique. Mammoth Cave is the most popular amongst families. Jewel Cave is know for being the most adventurous and Lake Cave (pictured from the outside) is known for having water in it. There is also Ngilgi Cave, Crystal Cave and Calgardup Cave. If you are looking to try something different, this may be the activity for you. The cost of visiting a cave is generally between $15 – $25 per person.

Margaret River Farmers Markets

Every Saturday the Farmers Markets come to Margaret River. They are filled with fresh and healthy local produce, live music and good vibes.

Things to do South of Margaret River

From Margaret River town south to the end of the Cape, there is so much to do and see. The drive South along Caves Road in itself is exciting. In addition, these are the things you can do South of Margaret River town.

Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay is well known for its friendly locals – the stingrays. These rays come into the bay every day to say hello, and attract visitors from all over the world. Not only is it one of the best places in Australia to get up close and personal with stingrays, but it is also home to one of the most beautiful beaches and areas to explore. In Hamelin Bay you can enjoy the beautiful beach, watch the stingrays and hike along a section of the Cape To Cape trail. For more information about Hamelin Bay, click here.

Borunup Forest

Things to do in Margaret River

As you drive along Caves road South of Margaret River, you will pass through the Borunup Forest. As soon as you enter the forest you will be impressed by the size of the trees and their beauty. There is a pull off area and viewpoint that you can stop in to admire and photograph the forest. If you need help finding it, simply type Boranup Forest Viewpoint into Google Maps.

Augusta Town

The tiny town of Augusta is absolutely adorable. You don’t need to spend long in Augusta, a drive through town and down to the river will show you what the town has to offer. Then you can continue out past town to Flinders Bay and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

Flinders Bay

Flinders Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the region, perfect for swimming and picnics. You will find Flinders Bay just outside of Augusta!

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

At the very South of the Cape you will reach Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. From the lighthouse you will get stunning views of the crystal clear waters and coastline leading up to the end of the cape. You can visit independantly or you can take a tour to learn more about the history of the lighthouse.

Things to do North of Margaret River


Things to do in Margaret River

Gracetown is the first town North of Margaret River, and like the rest of the region, has beautiful beaches, surf and hiking trails. From Huzza’s car park there is a short hiking trail that leads out to South Point Lookout. This is a very enjoyable walk, with great views.


Things to do in Margaret River

Inland from Gracetown is Cowaramup. There isn’t much there, except this beautiful artwork found on the wall of the Cowaramup Lions club. And as the name suggests, you can expect to find farmlands filled with cows. If you are looking for a snack in Cowaramup, Millers Ice Cream Shop sells the best ice cream EVER!

Injidup Beach and Spa

Things to do in Margaret River

This is one of the most beautiful areas in the region. The highlight is Injidup Spa, which is formed by natural elements. As the waves roll over the rocks into the pond of water, you feel like you are in a real spa. This is a great place to spend a few hours relaxing.

Canal Rocks

Things to do in Margaret River

Canal Rocks is a unique rock formation that creates a canal leading into the ocean. There is a short 5-minute trail you can follow that leads you over the canal and onto the rocks on the other side. From here you can admire the rock formations and the outlook of the Yallingup region.


The adorable suburb of Yallingup is a must see when in the Margaret River region. You can head into Yallingup Town where you will find a beachfront park, or you can head to Smiths Beach. Smiths Beach is great because it is a patrolled beach as well as a surfing beach, making it great for couple that want both. Yallingup is also home to a few hiking trails that offer stunning coastal views. Click here for more things to do in Yallingup.


Things to do in Margaret River

Dunsborough is a small town found in the North of the Margaret River region. It is home to a stunning, shallow bay that is perfect for families. Visitors can hire stand up paddle boards and kayaks from the beachfront for even more fun in Dunsborough. You will also find lots of cute coffee shops in Dunsborough, my top recommendation is Merchant and Maker.

Eagle Bay

Things to do in Margaret River

As you head away from Dunsborough and back out towards the end of the cape, you will pass some of the most picturesque places in the Margaret River region. Eagle Bay is a must see destination. This beach offers calm, turquoise waters, perfect for swimming.

Meelup Beach

Things to do in Margaret River

Meelup Beach is another beach to stop in at as you drive along Cape Naturaliste.

Sugarloaf Rock

Things to do in Margaret River

On the ocean side of Cape Naturaliste is Sugarloaf Rock, a unique and interesting rock formation, great for photos. Sunset is the perfect time to visit to watch it set behind the rock. Best enjoyed with a glass of Margaret River wine.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

The Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse marks the end of the Northern Cape of the Margaret River region. It costs $4 to visit, or you can take a guided tour for extra.

Busselton Jetty

Things to do in Margaret River

The Busselton Jetty is famous for being the longest wooden piled Jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. It extends for 1,841 metres over Geographe Bay. As you walk out, you can see ocean birds and stingrays swimming around offshore. If you are lucky you may even be able to spot a shark. An underwater observatory can be found at the end of the Jetty. It costs $4 to walk along the Jetty and $34 ($20 for children) to visit the underwater observatory.

Places to stay in Margaret River

There are lots of accommodation option in the region, but these can booked out quickly so it is best to reserve accomodation in advance when visiting Margaret River. If I was visiting Margaret River as a tourist, I would look for accomodation in the Smiths Beach / Yallingup Area. You can search for hotels below.

Another popular option in Margaret River is Airbnb. Airbnb will allow you to rent someones home which is a great option for families who are looking for kitchen and laundry facilities. Airbnb is also generally cheaper than hotels. These are my Airbnb booking tips, plus a $50 discount voucher.

Camping in Margaret River

If you are camping in the region, there are lots of incredible campsites. The best campsites in the region include:

  • Yallingup Campsite
  • Prevelly Campsite in Margaret River
  • Hamelin Bay Campground
  • Flinders Bay Campground

If you are new to camping and looking for advice on the best, and easiest gear to set up, my guide is coming soon!

Getting around the Margaret River Region

A car is absolutely essential when visiting the Margaret River region. Having a car will allow you to experience all the region has to offer, at your own pace. There is no public transport in the region. You can arrange tours but this will leave you exploring at someone else’s schedule. In saying that, tours are a great option for exploring multiple wineries.

Recommended length of stay in Margaret River

5 – 7 days in the Margaret River region is the perfect amount of time to explore all the area has to offer.

This will allow you to spend 1 day exploring all the attractions South of Margaret River, 1 day exploring the attractions North of Margaret River, 1 beach day in Margaret River, 1 day for a winery tour/cellar door hop and 1 day to go hiking and/or caving.

Other tips for visiting Margaret River

  • Perth is the closest airport to fly into.
  • When you think Margaret River, think of the Margaret River region. There is so much more to see than Margaret River Town. Margaret River town is in fact my least favoiurite place in the whole region.

Get Travel Insurance

If you are in the process of planning a trip to Margaret River, make sure you get travel insurance. I recommend World Nomads.

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Things to do in Margaret River

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