Things to consider BEFORE booking an overseas trip

Things to consider before booking an overseas trip

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Booking an overseas trip can be exciting, but before you jump right in and buy a plane ticket, there are some things you should consider to ensure the trip you book will meet your expectations. These are the key things to consider before booking an overseas trip.

Weather trends

It is important to check the weather trends in the country you will be flying to before you book.

Let’s say you are wanting to book a two week trip with friends. You want to relax on the beach drinking cocktails by day and hit the clubs at night. Thailand sounds great right? But did you know monsoon season in Thailand runs from May to November?  If you are planning a beach holiday you may want to avoid wet season.

Checking the weather will set your expectations for the weather and will give you a better understanding of what you will need to pack.

The Exchange rate

If you are travelling on a budget, you will want to look at the exchange rates and value of money in the country you are travelling too.

I travelled to Hawaii in 2015 when the US dollar was 60c to the Australia dollar. This made my trip much more expensive than expected and is something I wish I had considered when choosing a destination.

Vaccines required for the country you are travelling too

Certain countries, particularly third world countries require you to get certain vaccinations. This is something you should look into before booking your tickets. A great place to start is with the Travel Doctor Site. If a country has a high level of disease risk at the current time, you may reconsider your destination choice.

Culture and Customs

Understanding a country’s culture and customs is important. If you want to drink cocktails by the beach at day and party all night, a destination like Dubai may not be for you. The more you know about a country before you book, the better met your expectations will be.

Safety Risk

It is always a good idea to have a look at the Smart Traveller website before booking an overseas trip. If there are terror threats or political uncertainty, this is where you will find out and can use this information to choose a destination.


Your passport should be valid for at least six months before entering another country, but some airlines insist on six months’ validity from the date you return home. Check your passport expiry date before you book.


Many countries require a visa for entry. Some countries expect you to apply and pay for the visa before arrival whereas others are granted on entry. If you have any criminal or driving offences, you may want to check that these won’t affect your eligibility for a visa. You will also need to keep an eye out for the time restrictions. Most tourist Visas are 30 days and overstaying this visa can have harsh penalties such as a ban. It is important to understand the Visa requirements before you book an overseas holiday. For Australians, I suggest using the Smart Traveller website for information on Visas.

These are all the things to consider before booking an overseas trip, but what about after you have booked? Check out my Overseas Travel Checklist.

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Disclosure: This post on things to consider before booking an overseas trip may contain affiliate links.

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4 thoughts on “Things to consider BEFORE booking an overseas trip

  • Anya Carion

    I’ve heard so many horror stories about people arriving at a destination, only to realise they need a visa! And thank you for bringing up culture & customs- I think its SOOOO important to be mindful that we’re guests in a country and to be respectful through our mannerisms 🙂