20 photos to inspire you to visit Cambodia

“Lucy understood the brief perfectly and delivered on-brand images and a detailed article with all of the information we were looking for. Her thorough research and confident style made her work fit in perfectly with our blog’s wider content strategy. Lucy is a pleasure to work with and we would definitely recommend. Thanks Lucy!”

Ashley Andrews

Jucy Group

“At MAADS, a collection of distinctive destinations in Cambodia, we work with many bloggers and influencers from all around the world. The collaboration with Lucy @A Travellers Footsteps has been really stimulating for us. This is a travel blog that definitely cares for helping fellow world-wanderers with useful information, with a keen eye for for the merits of the hotels and resorts they visit, and a great sense of immersion in local culture. With her work, Lucy reflects the core of what should be modern travel, the genuine pleasure of discovering new horizons and the ability to let travel experiences broaden one’s perspectives. Please come back to Cambodia soon!The MAADS Team”. 

Bernard Cohen Content Developer and Media Facilitator