Best Temples in Bali

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Bali’s highlands and coasts are home to many ancient temples. Several of them have become the island’s most iconic landmarks, featuring century-old architecture and set against exotic backdrops. Each temple in Bali is unique. After visiting many, I wanted to share the best temples in Bali.

Tanah Lot

Watching the sunset over Tanah Lot is magical. Tanah Lot is built on a rock formation off the coast of Bali, around 40 minutes from Seminyak. Tanah Lot is well known for its unique offshore setting and sunset backdrop, making it a tourist hotspot and cultural icon for photography. Get ready to fight the crowds. I recommend visiting Tanah Lot at sunset and from Canguu.

Best temples in Bali

Uluwatu Temple

Equally as magical as Tanah Lot is Uluwatu Temple or Pura Luhur Uluwatu. Uluwatu Temple is renowned for its magnificent location, based on the side of Uluwatu cliff, approximately 70 metres above sea level. This temple shares the same splendid sunset backdrops as that of Tanah Lot Temple. See my complete guide to visiting Uluwatu Temple. 

The best temples in Bali - Uluwatu Temple – A Complete Guide to Visiting - Uluwatu Temple Dress Code

Pura Ulun Dana Beratan Temple

This picturesque landmark sits on the western side of Beratan Lake, up in Bali’s central highlands. During high tide, the lake surrounds the temple’s base, creating a unique floating illusion, while the mountain range provides a hazy, dreamy backdrop. Get photos of the temple over the lake and the gardens surrounding or take a short boat trip around the lake. I recommend visiting this temple from Ubud.

Best Temples in Bali

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul temple is a Hindu Balinese water temple famous for its holy spring water, where Balinese Hindus go for ritual purification. You can get into the holy spring water and bath under the holy water which is an awesome experience. This is one of the best temples in Ubud. 

Best Temples in Bali

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Bali Temple Dress code 

When visiting temples in Bali, it is important that you dress appropriately. The dress code for Temples in Bali is generally a long dress, skirt, pants or sarong. Ideally you should cover your legs and shoulders. At some of the temples in Bali, you will be given a sarong on entry. 

Pin – Best Temples in Bali

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If you are in the process of planning a trip to Bali, this guide covers EVERYTHING you need to know, including information about visas, flights, travel insurance, accomodation, transport and more. 

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