Surviving a long haul flight – 14 ways to keep amused!

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With the number of long-haul flights I have been on lately, it is safe to say that I have become a pro at keeping myself amused on flights. Sure, they don’t all fly by quickly (pun intended), but there are a number of ways you can keep yourself amused to make the time go quicker.

  1. Netflix

Did you know you can download your favourite episodes and movies so you can watch them offline, and from 30,000 ft? You will be at your next destination after a season of your favourite show and will hardly even notice that you are stuck on a plane.

  1. A good book

There is nothing like a good book to get you through a few hours on your next long-haul flight. The best option for carrying books when travelling is to buy a Kindle or iPad and download kindle books. This way you can read as many books as you like without having to carry them.

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  1. Music

A good playlist is a cure for all things, including surviving a long haul flight. Make sure your playlist is downloaded to play offline.

  1. Get inspired

It’s amazing how inspired you can get from 30,000 ft. Keep a notebook and pen on hand and as you do get inspired, write down your goals and ideas for travel, life or business.

  1. Catch up on work

Look at your flight time as uninterrupted work time. You have the ability to dive into work without the phone ringing, urgent emails coming through or someone knocking on your door. Make the most of this time to catch up on work that can be done offline.

I love using my flight time to plan, write, edit photos and learn new blogging skills.

  1. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts

Binging on podcasts is a guaranteed way to pass time on your next long-haul flight. Just be sure to download each podcast or audiobook for offline access. If you’ve never used offline mode before, test it out in airplane mode before you go.

  1. Learn another language

If you’re heading to another country (with another language), now is the time to cram study the language. Duo Lingo can be downloaded for offline use and is perfect for learning the basics before you land. You probably won’t become fluent before you land, but anything is better than nothing.

  1. Start a travel journal

How often have you planned to write a travel journal but never found the time? Your flight is the perfect time to start travel journaling. Flights may not be the most exciting times but you can start your journal by talking about your excitement, travel plans and what you did to get to where you are. Because let’s be honest, we all have to make sacrifices to travel and we should be proud of ourselves when we are able to do so. You could even write a travel bucket list for your upcoming trip.

  1. Healthy snacks

Eating totally helps kill boredom, wouldn’t you agree?

Be prepared for your flight with a few healthy snacks: dried fruit, trail mix, nuts and chocolate are some of my favourite in-flight snacks. In my opinion, a snack session definitely helps to keep you amused on a long-haul flight.

  1. Walk and stretch

Planes are some of the tightest spaces, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get up and take a walk around and have a stretch during your flight.  Your body will thank you for keeping your bloody circulated.

  1. Start a blog

Many of my blogs have been written on a plane. You may not have internet at 30,000ft, but sometimes writing from the heart is how you get your best results. So if you have been considering starting a travel blog, give it a go on your next long-haul flight.

  1. Admire the scenery

If you have a day flight, book a window seat and you can be sure that a majority of your flight will be kept entertained by the scenery below.

  1. Plan your tip

This one is for all the last-minute planners out there. Now is the time to grab a lonely planet guide and start planning your itinerary.

  1. Nap

If all else fails, shut your eyes and have a sleep. There is nothing better than waking up as you start to descend.

There is only so much you can do on the plane, but if you are well prepared it will be plenty to get you through the flight. I hope you find these tips for surviving a long haul flight helpful. You might also like to read some more secrets to a good flight.

Surviving a long haul flight - 14 ways to keep amused!

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