5 small changes everyone can make today to start saving for travel

Backpacking Travel Essentials

The smallest changes to your lifestyle can actually mean that you can be packing your bags and boarding a plane to travel much sooner than you think! It is easy to look at changes and think they are so small that they won’t make a difference, but when you look at these small changes over the period of 12 months, they can make a HUGE difference to your life.


Let me demonstrate with these 5 super small changes you can make in your life to be able to afford travel much sooner.


  1. Quit coffee


Who doesn’t love a freshly made morning coffee? You know, that soy caramel latte you get every morning from the cafe around the corner. Well that delicious coffee that costs you an average of $5 per day, is actually costing you $1825 per year.


Yep, $5 per day on coffee is $1825 that you could be adding to your travel fund, which is more than enough for a 2 – 4 week holiday each year!


Crazy right?


If you quit that coffee now, you could be enjoying it from a more exotic location, much sooner. Like the countryside of Panama.


5 small changes you can make to your life to start saving for travel


  1. Cancel your gym membership


Fitness and health are important, there is NO doubt about that! But if you can save $500 + per year by exercising at home or outdoors instead of the gym, that’s an easy way to add extra cash to your travel fund!


And let’s be honest, how many people have a gym membership that they don’t use? If you are one of them, cancel it NOW!


5 small changes you can make today to start savings for travel


  1. Say no to entrees and cocktails on a night out


Spending $100 on a nice meal is easy nowadays with cocktails costing upwards of $15 (in Australia). I love a good night out, but when I am looking to save for travel, the first thing I do is quit the cocktails and entrees, which helps me take my dinner bill from $100 to $40, a huge saving if you do it often.


Sometimes a night out is the highlight of your week, especially when you work full time, but if you can minimise your expenses on your nights out, you can be enjoying your night out in a new destination before you know it.



  1. Pack your lunch for work


If you are spending $10 each day on work lunches, that’s $2,400 each year that you could be saving just my packing your work lunches! Pack a quick sandwich or take leftovers from the night before. It doesn’t take much to prepare and it can literally save you thousands of dollars each year!


  1. Say bye to Netflix (stan, Spotify, Pandora etc)


A $10 monthly subscription surely doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s still money that you could be saving for travel! My advice for saving on subscription-based services is to choose just one or share with your friends!


When you want to save fast, every dollar counts. These 5 suggestions are EASY changes you can make to save money fast!


If you want to learn all my budgeting tips and tricks, check out my Complete Guide to Affording Travel. I teach you the strategies I use to afford travel (even as a uni student). I also teach you to create a travel budget and plan your dream trip!


Today is the day to stop dreaming of travel and to start planning for it! Click here to start your journey!


5 small change you can make to start saving for travel today

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