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Budds Beach in Surfers Paradise is one of the best places to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Gold Coast. This article will share tips on stand up paddle boarding at Budds beach and my story.

Hiring a Stand Up Paddle Board at Budds Beach

Stand Up paddle boarding at Budds beach

There are a number of places that you can hire a Stand-Up Paddle Board from at Budds Beach including Go Vertical (at Bumbles), SUP In Paradise, Surfers Paradise Stand Up Paddle and Australian Kayaking Adventures. These locations are pinpointed on the map below. Hire is around $25 per hour.

For those new to Stand Up Paddle Boarding, you can choose to take a lesson or guided paddle. This will cost more.

Tips for visiting Budds Beach

  • Enjoy breakfast at Bumbles Cafe – A locals favourite. After breakfast, you can hire a board from Go Vertical, which is a part of Bumbles.

  • It can be challenging to find a park at Budds Beach so arrive early and be aware of the signs and fees. Parking inspectors visit the area frequently.

  • BBQ facilities and public bathrooms are available at Budds Beach.

Packing for a day at Budds Beach 

If you are heading to Budds Beach for a day of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, I recommend packing:

  • Your stand up paddle board / kayak
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat
  • A beach umbrella
  • Swimmers
  • A towel
  • A change of clothes
  • Water
  • Snacks / lunch

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Budds Beach – my day

It was a beautiful day at Budds beach, the sun was shining, mostly blue skies, no one around and no wind. Once I got the hang of standing up I had a very relaxing session. Budds beach offers amazing scenery with the Surfers city skyline to one side and multi-million dollar homes and boats to the other. To be in the middle of the city but be able to enjoy stand up paddleboarding is such an amazing experience.

Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to see the waterways of the Gold Coast and take in the sun, fresh air, and beautiful views. It is the perfect activity if you enjoy a relaxing day in the sun, but let me assure you, it can be challenging, exciting or relaxing depending on how you want to participate. After I became comfortable and spent some time taking in the scenery, my friend joined me on the board. This was a very interesting experience and the highlight of my day. Romy and I, both first-timers were in hysterics when trying to stand up on the board together at the same time. It took us some time to get on our feet and a lot of laughs, good balance, and determination but we did it.

I had such a great day Stand up paddle boarding at Budds beach, the ideal location to participate. If you are lucky you might even see dolphins playing around you.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Budds Beach Gold Coast

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Budds Beach is a must do when on the Gold Coast!

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  • Tasha Amy

    Looks like great fun! Heading to the gold coast soon and I have never tried stand up paddle boarding, looks like the perfect place to give it a go!

    • atravellersfootsteps Post author

      That’s exciting. I have a few Gold Coast blogs that may help you when planning your trip, check them out 🙂