I love Road Trips – Find out why

I love Road Trips

Road trips are my absolute favourite way to travel. I love hitting the road, with the wind in my hair and not a worry in the world or place to be. Road trips give you a sense of freedom as you travel on your own time, to the places you choose. Some of my favourite places to road trip include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Hawaii and Samoa.

Today I’m going to be telling you all about road trips and why they rock!


I love Road Trips - Find out why

As I alluded to in the introduction, I love the sense of freedom you get on a road trip. You chose when you leave, where you go, where you stop, how long you stay, and the playlist of course.

If you’re driving along and something catches your eye, guess what! You can stop and check it out because you’re on your own time when your road tripping.

After years of travelling in all shapes and forms, I have realised that I am not the type of person that likes to be put on a bus with 50 other tourists and told they have 30 minutes before we leave. This style of travel just doesn’t work for me.

Say the word road trip and I am in!

Road trips are great alone, with your partner or best friend or with a group of friends.

Tunes and sing-alongs

Road trips are the best time to pump old school beats and have a sing-along. My 1 road trip rule is to only travel with people that I can have sing-alongs with. Make sure you download your favourite playlist before you start your road trip.

D&Ms and DMAS

I love Road Trips - Find out why

Writing D&Ms made me think of DMAS, so while you’re creating a playlist, make sure you add DMAS to it.

But what I really meant was D&Ms, which means deep and meaningful conversations, best had on the road. When I road tripped the North Island of New Zealand with my best friend, we literally did not stop talking the entire time. I learnt more about her (and myself) than I ever imagined possible. There is something about being on the road that makes you feel like opening up and sharing all your best (and worst) stories with your road tripping buddy.

If you’re doing a solo trip, why not turn blue tooth on and give your mum, dad, sister, brother, best friend and significant others a call. Even if you haven’t talked to someone in a while, you may be surprised at how excited they are to hear from you, and how much you have to catch up on.

Clear your mind

I love Road Trips - Find out why

If you are doing a solo road trip, you may just be surprised at how much being on the road clears your head and helps you to relax. Road trips are my favourite time to think.

The Scenery

I love Road Trips - Find out why

Whilst flying is often the quickest and most efficient mode of transport, you certainly don’t get the same level of scenery from the sky. I have discovered some of the most beautiful places on road trips. Places that weren’t on my itinerary or bucket list. It’s the small little towns, hidden wineries and unexpected waterfalls and lookouts that surprise me most on road trips and leave me hungry for more. As the saying goes…

“It’s all about the journey, not the destination”

Money Saving

I love Road Trips - Find out why

Sometimes hiring a car can actually save you money. Especially if you opt to rent a campervan, which covers your transport and accommodation costs. When I travelled to New Zealand in a campervan my overall budget for the trip was extremely low, which meant I could spend more days on the road.

Pro trip – get a credit card that covers rental hire insurance to save big on your next rental car.

Pro tip 2 – Always pack a picnic for your road trip.

Pro Tip 3 – Use my guide to creating a travel budget. 

Picnic Opportunities

I love Road Trips - Find out why

When your road tripping, skip the expensive cafes and restaurants. Stock up on fruit, nuts, crackers and dips and stop at a picture perfect, ideally secluded spot for a picnic. Not only will you save, but you will also get to enjoy lunch at your own pace, in nature, with not a person in sight (ideally).

So there you have it, the reasons why I LOVE to road trips. If you have been thinking about a road trip, it’s time to grab your best friend, download the perfect playlist, pack a picnic and hit the road.

I love road trips

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2 thoughts on “I love Road Trips – Find out why

  • Janine

    Yessss! I love road trips too. Such a great way to see all kinds of different sites that a location has to offer. And I’m totally with you on the sing-alongs too. My bf and I always choose Backstreet Boys on our roadtrips 😛