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After a 12 month hiatus from blogging, I am back! Back to find that the last 2 years of content has been wiped from my website. After a week of devastation, I am now looking at this as an opportunity to learn and improve.


I started my blog back in 2014, before my second trip to Canada. I was often getting asked questions about places I had been to; where did I stay, what did I do, what do I recommend? I created my blog to share travel tips with other like-minded backpackers.


When I started my blog, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, which leads into how I managed to lose 2 years work.


I dedicated a significant amount of time to my blog, sharing stories from Australia, Canada, South and Central America, Mexico and other destinations around the world. When I returned back to Australia in 2015, I stopped blogging. I got back onto the conventional path of getting a degree and a 9-5 job – my current situation.


After almost a year of doing the 9-5 thing, I have quickly realised that this will not be my life. I was born to travel, explore new places, connect with other cultures and eat my way around the world. This is the dream, which I intend on making a reality through this blog. The difference between when I started this blog in 2014 to now, is I am 100% dedicated and truly believe that I can turn blogging into a reality.


Over the next few months I will be reposting my old content with some improvements. I will also be sharing the story of where my content went and what I wish I knew when I started my blog. Stay tuned!

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