Things to do in Dorrigo National Park
I am lucky enough to have grown up on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia, where we have access to countless beautiful spots to visit. Dorrigo National Park is just one of those beautiful destinations I get to explore in my spare time. Having spent a lot of time exploring Dorrigo, I have put together a brief list of the best things to do in Dorrigo National Park. Dorrigo National Park is a great day trip from Coffs Harbour.  You can relax at scenic picnic and barbecue spots, explore secret waterfalls, hike the rainforest and visit the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre for an amazing view. The Best of Dorrigo National Park Dorrigo Rainforest Centre Dorrigo Rainforest centre is the ultimate place to start your visit to Dorrigo National Park. The Dorrigo Rainforest Centre can provide great tips and advice on what to do and see, including which walking tracks will best suit your needs. I recommend starting the day at the Skyway (near the rainforest centre), an elevated walkway through and above the treetops. From here you can choose between hiking trails of varying lengths. I suggest doing the Crystal Shower Falls walk.   Crystal Shower Falls Walk through the […]

The Best of Dorrigo National Park

Mount Warning is the highest peak in the Northern NSW region. The hike is best described as strenuous, but worth it for the view. I have hiked Mount Warning a few times now and it never disappoints. The Trail 9km round trip 2-5 hours return The trail starts from the top of the car park, kicking straight into a steep series of stairs. As you pass the stairs, the trail levels out to a consistent incline of long switchbacks. A canopy of dense ancient trees and greenery covers the first section of the trail. It is hard to stop looking up, but necessary as the path can be uneven, so watch your step! The trail is a total of 4.5 kms, the first 4km being stairs and switchbacks, followed by a final rock climb to the summit. The rock climb is steep, so if you are afraid of height I would steer clear. For the adventurers, you will love it. There is a chain to use to assist you with the climb (photo below). My friend and I went without and scaled the rocks with our hands and feet. I loved it! The view from the top is unreal with […]

Hiking Mount Warning

Coombabah Lakelands
Living on the Southern end of the Gold Coast, I often spend my spare time exploring the south: Northern NSW, Dreamtime Beach, Byron Bay, Minyon Falls etc. This weekend I thought I would do something different and head North to Coombabah Lakelands Nature Reserve, located near Harbour Town Shopping centre. Here you will find a lake, a broad walk and an abundance of native flora and fauna. I always love finding new places so enjoyed my adventure to Coombabah Lakelands, however must admit that it there are many other places I would recommend checking out before heading here, especially if you have limited time. Coombabah Lakelands – Shelter Road We started out at Coombabah Lakelands – Shelter Road, which is near the animal welfare. From here you will find a short trail that leads through the bush to a broad walk over mangroves and out to a shed on the lake, all pictured below. Coombabah Lake Nature Reserve After we finished this short walk we went to another area of Coombabah Lakelands where we found a longer track. This was a five minute drive from Shelter Road. The walk started as a broad walk over the water then turned into a path beside the […]

Coombabah Lakelands – Gold Coast

ree things to do in Newcastle
Newcastle is approximately 160kms South of Sydney, at the Hunter Valley river mouth. Newcastle has a reputation for having some of the best surf in Australia, and is close to several beaches and national Parks. During my time in Newcastle, I explore as many beaches and national parks as I can. Here are my top 5 free places to visit in Newcastle. Newcastle Ocean Baths and Beach Newcastle Beach and the adjoining Ocean Baths are the most popular because they are easily accessible from Newcastle and have facilities such as volleyball courts, cafes and restaurants, shaded table areas and change room facilities. Enjoy a morning relaxing and swimming in the ocean baths before taking a walk in the afternoon. From Newcastle Ocean Baths you walking to Kind Edward Park. Kind Edward Park has a spectacular view of the north and south beaches and headlands and is where you can access another small ocean bath called the bogey hole. The bogey hole is the most popular ocean bath amongst locals, as no one knows about it, it’s smaller and waves break right into it. Merewether Ocean Baths The Merewether ocean baths are in a picture perfect location, with great pathways to follow if […]

5 free places to visit in Newcastle – Australia

Taking a gap year
When I finished high school my parents were set on me going straight to university and getting a degree. They thought that if I had a year off I wouldn’t go back. While they had good intentions, a gap year truly was what I needed to find myself, my passions and a career that suited me.   As we finish high school we feel so much pressure to make a decision for our future, yet we haven’t really had a chance to discovered ourselves and what we genuinely like/ dislike. Most people choose a degree because it sounds good, or their friends are doing it, which turns into an EXPENSIVE decision. Study is expensive, time consuming and stressful and you shouldn’t enrol unless you are certain you know what you want to do. A gap year can be the best way to find out what you are passionate about and what career will suit you. You may even discover that university isn’t for you and that is totally okay, University isn’t for everyone.   This blog focuses on the benefits of taking a gap year before university. I suggest doing a working holiday on your gap year, but you can do anything […]

Don’t listen to your parents: Take a gap year before ...

It feels amazing to get my first nomination for a blogging award, YAYYYYY. A huge thats to Marlo & Kristo at Along Came an Elephant for the nomination. For the last few months I have been working full time while trying to get this blog up off the ground. This has meant many sleepless nights, but recognition for my work makes it all worth it, so thanks again guys. Before being nominated I had not heard of the Liebster Award. Get ready to learn about the Liebster and award and some fun facts about myself. What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award is an online blogging award given to bloggers by blogger.  If you are nominated for the award, you answer a bunch of questions provided by the blogger who nominated you, and then you pass on the award to another 11 worthy nominees. The Liebster Award Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog Write a post to show your award Share who’s your favourite blogger/blog Tell 10 random facts about you Select 11 other bloggers you want to give this award to Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated […]

Nominated for the Liebster Award 2017

Free Activities on Kauai
Kauai is an island of Hawaii, known as the Garden Isle. The island offers an endless supply of natural beauty and sightseeing opportunities. The diversity in landscapes is most appreciated by adventurous types and outdoor enthusiasts. Things to do on Kauai Kalalau trail- By far one of the most scenic hiking trails I have ever taken. The Kalalau Trail follows the Na Pali Coast for 11 miles going up and down through the valleys. I would recommend taking a tent and some supplies and camping at Kalalau Beach, at the end of the trail. There are also options for the less experienced hikers. The first 2 miles of the trail leads to Hanakapiai Beach  and gives hikers a taste of what is to come. From Hanakapiai Beach hikers can choose to go inland for 2 more miles, which leads to Hanakapiai Falls or can continue along the Kalalau trail. Hanakapiai Falls is well worth the extra 4 miles if you have the time and energy. Waimea Canyon – Often called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. Along the road in there are several lookouts and places to stop to view the canyon. Waimea Conyon lookout is the most popular. Experienced […]

Backpacker Guide to Kauai – Hawaii

How to save money for travel
First and foremost, I want to make it clear that every trip I have been on has been funded by myself, from money I earnt. When I first started travelling the world alone at 18, people would always ask how I could afford to travel and assume that I had rich parents who gave me money. This is FAR from the truth. I have NEVER taken money from my parents to fund my travels. So how can I afford to travel? I have ALWAYS been a hard worker and money saver. For as long as I can remember I have had a good old fashion piggy bank, saving up my birthday and Christmas money. At the age of 14 and 9 months I got my first real job in a café and since then I have not stopped working. I can easily say I worked more hours than any of my friends throughout high school, which meant I missed a lot, but ultimately allowed me to travel the world. During my degree I was always working multiple jobs, studying full time and completing internships simultaneously. On top of this I have sacrificed ALOT. The key to saving is to make […]

Travel Tips: How To Save Money For Travel