Our week in Vancouver


I am are three weeks into my Canadian Adventure and cant express how much fun I have had. This blog will tell you all about week 1 spent in the beautiful city of Vancouver, the city that stole my heart.

Vancouver by day. A travellers footsteps. Travel blog. Canada

Vancouver by day

Vancouver by night. a travellers footsteps

Vancouver by night

Day 1 in Vancouver was non stop exploring the beautiful city, followed by a sleepless night out. We stayed at Samesun backpackers on Granville, the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at, and I’ve stayed at a lot. We didn’t have to go far to find a great bar with live music. Roxy’s was where we went, and stayed until about 5am… Good times. We awoke in the afternoon on day 2… all feeling sorry for ourselves, but excited to explore. With a craving for snow, we forced ourselves out of bed and to the nearest snow shop to purchase our ski gear so we could go to Grouse Mountain. Grouse Mountain offer incredible views of Vancouver. … as you can see below. This photo does not do it justice.



It was early season so only one run was open, but it was still amazing after the last 18 months on the Gold Coast. We spend all morning getting back into the feel of snowboarding the moved to the park in the afternoon to challenge ourselves…. This involved my face planting the ground from 2 feet high. I thought I was ready to hit a medium box, hmmm first day back, maybe not the best idea, but no broken nose so I cant complain.

Ice hockey was next on the itinerary.

Ice hockey vancouver canucks V LA kings. A travellers footsteps

We purchased tickets for Vancouver Canucks V LA Kings. LA won… Booooo. Not that I was to interested in who won or lost, however I had to support Vancouver as it is my favorite city and my next potential home. The atmosphere was unreal. Although we had no clue of the rules it was by far the most exiting sporting event I have ever attended.

Vancouver Canucks V LA Kings Ice hockey a travellers footsteps

Next up- Stanley Park… We embarked on an adventure deep into Stanley Park, located in the middle of Vancouver City. It is like no park you could ever imagine, it is literally a huge jungle in downtown Vancouver, I wont lie we got lost in their. I find it amazing that the city of Vancouver has set aside the 1,001 acre park for the wildlife. If it was on the Gold Coast it would have been demolished and covered with high rises all to make a dollar.


Stanley Park Squirrel a travellers footsteps

Vancouver is incredible…. Located on the waterfront, surrounded with snow cap mountains and with a forest in downtown Vancouver, it has everything you could want. If your coming to Canada…. Stop in Vancouver, you wont regret it.

As the days went on it was time to set ourselves up. I am a Global Work & travel Co. traveller soI made my way to their office where they set me up with a phone, Sin number and Bank account. They then gave me details of where I would be working and how to get there…. So instead of spending my first week doing this myself, I got to do all the fun things while Global took care of handing out my resumes and all the other fun things… not. Thanks team!

My next blog will discuss the Transition from travel to work … follow this blog to keep up with my Canadian trip and to get tips on how to make your working holiday a success.