5 myths about Australia – debunked

5 myths about Australia - debunked

It is common for people who have never travelled to Australia to share some common misbeliefs about life down under. Today we are going to break through some of these myths and tell you the truth about life in Australia.

Australian’s speak English

5 myths about Australia - debunked

The first Australians spoke over 300 different languages before colonisation and hundreds of those languages still survive today. Immigration and multiculturalism mean that English isn’t universal in Australia with one in five people speaking another language other than English at home, the most common being Chinese, Arabic and Vietnamese.

Koalas are bears

5 myths about Australia - debunked

Understandably, most people believe that Koalas are actual bears. This is not true!

Koalas are actually marsupials which means that they carry babies in a pouch on their bellies and have no relation to bears whatsoever. These cute little ‘bears’ lounge around and sleep for up to 22 hours a day, not a bad life.

Sydney is the capital

5 myths about Australia - debunked

It is a common belief that Sydney is the capital of Australia, but this is not in fact true. Canberra is the capital.

When Australia was federated in 1901 it’s two biggest cities could not agree on which should be the capital so they chose Canberra. This city was built from scratch in between the fighting of Sydney and Melbourne for the capital. Canberra is a planned city that sits outside any state jurisdiction, similar to Washington D.C. in the United States.

Australia is hot

5 myths about Australia - debunked

The middle of the desert, of course, is one of the hottest places on earth but it’s not board shorts and thongs everywhere in the country. Melbourne gets as cold as 0C in the middle of winter and there are ski fields in places like Thredbo and Perisher in New South Wales and Mount Hotham and Falls Creek in Victoria.

Everything’s trying to kill you

5 myths about Australia - debunked

While we do have some of the planet’s deadliest animals on earth it is highly unlikely that you will come across one in your travels. Especially if you take precautions and are safe when entering waterways and walking through tall grass in national parks. And for every terrifying creature we have, there are equal friendly ones like the koala bear and kangaroo.

Do you know any more common myths about Australia? Share them in the comments below.

Pin – 5 myths about Australia – debunked

5 myths about Australia - debunked

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