6 Mistakes travellers make on their first overseas trip (and how to avoid them)

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There is certainly no rule book for travel or right or wrong way to do things. Everyone has a different travel style and that is something that should be embraced. Some people love backpacking and adventure travel, others enjoy budget travel with a slice of luxury from time to time, and others just enjoy luxury travel and fine dining. Regardless of your travel style, there are some common mistakes that every traveller makes on their first overseas trip.


  1. Overplanning


I am sure we can all agree that a common mistake most people make on their first overseas trip is over planning. You spend months and months looking forward to your trip and write down every little thing you want to do and see and every place you want to stay and eat.


Whether you plan an itinerary or keep your plans in your head, one thing you can be sure of is the fact that you will hardly have a minute to rest with the number of things you have planned.


You will quickly learn that a few relaxing days are essential to avoid getting run down and burnt out. So, don’t go ahead and book tours and trips for every day. Leave your itinerary loose so you can change it as you need.


6 Mistakes travellers make on their first overseas trip (and how to avoid them)


How to avoid this travel mistake


Simply resist the urge to plan your trip out in detail. Know what you want to do and where you want to go, but be aware that things may change and you may not be able to do EVERYTHING in a destination, and that’s okay.


  1. Worrying to much


Travel overseas is a HUGE thing to do, and it can be scary, but worrying too much is not a good thing. I mean how can you not worry when you have your mum telling you every horror story under the sun, and your friends making comments about the political state of a country they, in reality, know very little about. It is hard not to worry, but you have to overcome it and get excited about the trip.


Of course, you need to research your chosen destination and be aware of the things that do occur, but you can’t sit up the nights before you depart in fear or X Y or Z. You have made the decision to travel, so you need to relax and enjoy the process!


6 Mistakes travellers make on their first overseas trip (and how to avoid them)


How to avoid this travel mistake


  • Research your chosen destination and be aware of local customs and cultures.
  • Follow all my tips for keeping safe while travelling!
  • Embrace the experience with an open mind.
  • If you are really worried, book a group tour instead of going alone.


  1. Buying every single travel gadget available


In excitement for an upcoming trip, you can get carried away buying every travel accessory available, many of which you will never use. Be realistic about what you do and don’t need.


You may need some of the following, but certainly not all:


A New Suitcase or backpack, packing cubes, travel size toiletry items, portable chargers, adapters, travel pillows, suitcase locks, passport folders, reusable water bottle and coffee cup, lonely plant guides, first aid kit, new hiking shoes, camera, a money belt and so on.


6 Mistakes travellers make on their first overseas trip (and how to avoid them)


How to avoid this travel mistake


  • Avoid the consumerism trap! You really don’t need all these things.
  • Understand the benefits of packing light
  • Remember, whatever you take, you have to carry.


  1. Calling home too often


You didn’t travel to the other side of the world to spend 2 hours each day on the phone with your parents. Sure, it is nice to check in every now and then, but if you are checking in too often it can actually be a negative thing. Limit your call time. Send a quick message instead and get on with your day. Go on an adventure, meet new friends, get outdoors and explore!


Uluwatu Temple – A Complete Guide to Visiting - Uluwatu Temple Dress Code


How to avoid this travel mistake


  • Text instead of calling home.
  • Keep the calls to a limit.
  • Try my other tips for curing homesickness!
  • (Even though you should avoid calling home too often, someone should always know your travel plans).


  1. Not creating a travel budget


It is actually really common for travellers to save a couple of thousand dollars, you know, enough that they feel they can get by. Very few travellers actually create a travel budget and look at how much they will be spending on a flight, travel insurance, accommodation and other daily expenses. The lack of planning means that many travellers often come home with credit card debt, to remind them of the amazing time they had. If they had been a little more organised in the planning process, this wouldn’t be the case!


Travel Resources


How to avoid this travel mistake


  • Create a travel budget
  • Be realistic with your plans
  • Research the cost of travelling to your chosen destination


I understand how overwhelming it can be to create a travel budget for the first time, and that is why I have created A Guide to Affording Travel. In this guide you will find resources to help you save for travel, create a travel budget and plan your dream trip. Check it out!


6. Not getting travel insurance


Travel insurance is one of the most important things that you can purchase for an international trip. It covers you for anything that could go wrong, from lost luggage, to trip delays, medical expenses, natural disasters and more.  If you don’t have a travel insurance policy, you are risking financial stress if something does go wrong.


6 Mistakes travellers make on their first overseas trip (and how to avoid them)


How to avoid this travel mistake



Overseas Travel Checklist


Don’t worry about forgetting anything on your overseas trip, my checklist has you covered!



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6 Mistakes travellers make on their first overseas trip (and how to avoid them)

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