How to Travel for Longer

Barrels in Playa Maderas

It’s no lie that any backpacker wants to travel for longer. So how can we stretch our dollar to get us there?


I present to you, three (obvious) ways to travel for longer.


Travel to cheaper destinations 


Planning a trip to Vietnam


Obviously, your dollar will get you further in a cheaper destination. A 3 month trip through Europe is going to cost you much more than a three month trip through Asia, in fact, what you would spend in 3 months in Europe, could potentially last you for 1 year in Asia.


When booking your next trip, take this into account. If you really do want to travel further for longer, travel Asia, India, South or Central America.


Also, take exchange rates into consideration.


Things to consider before booking an overseas trip. 


Travel in the low-season 


In my opinion, low-season is the prime time to travel. During low season destinations offer Price-cuts, freebies, and special offers, meaning your dollar can get you a lot further.


Besides paying less, visitors who come to a tourist spot during the low-season will enjoy less crowding and a more laid-back atmosphere. You’ll also get to experience more local culture, and you may even find that the residents, who won’t be overwhelmed by hordes of tourists, treat you with more courtesy.


Think like a local


It might only be a $5 taxi ride compared to a $30 taxi ride at home, but you can get the bus for 1 dollar. What are you going to do?


If your thinking, well $5 is way cheaper than it would be at home so I’ll just get the taxi, you are literally spending your money 5 times faster than someone who thinks like a local and takes the bus.


Every time you spend $5 instead of $1 or $50 on a hotel instead of $10 on a hostel, you are spending your money much faster than you have to. If you really want to travel further you will think as a local, walk, take the bus, eat at the markets, cook at the hostel.


Central America is super cheap and amazing, so if you are looking to travel further and for longer, go to Central America.


Below are some photos from my trip to Central America.
Sunset in San Juan Del Sur
Barrels in Playa Maderas
Standing under the San Ramon waterfall isla de ometepe
Monkey Island
Comment below if you would like to know where any of these photos were taken 🙂

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