How to send money overseas in times of need

- How to send money overseas in times of need

While travelling overseas, we often run into situations where we need to send or receive money from abroad.

If needing to receive money, the reasons may be unfortunate, for example, a lost or stolen wallet, a healthy emergency or you may have gone over travel budget.

Or you may be looking for ways to send money to your loved ones abroad for a number of reasons, such as our current situation (COVID-19 Pandemic),

This use to be a challenge, but nowadays, sending money overseas is as easy as a few clicks.

In this article, we will explain some of the easiest ways to send money abroad (or to tell your parents how to).

Western Union App

The Western Union banking app makes sending money overseas easier than ever. In three simple steps, you (or your parents) are able to send money conveniently wherever they are through Western Union’s mobile banking app. After downloading the Western Union banking app on your phone, here’s how to start sending money.

  1. Create your profile with your e-mail address.
  2. Verify your profile online. You’ll need either your passport, driver’s license or your proof of age card for this step.
  3. Now, you can start sending money via the mobile phone. Input the desired amount in your currency and it will show you the conversion.
  4. Finally, enter the bank details of the person receiving the money.

Find our more about how to send money overseas with a mobile app  


Using PayPal to send and receive money, whether you are within Australia or overseas is not only safe and secure but easy to set up! Via the app, you are able to link your preferred bank account details and receive money quickly.

Tips for managing your money abroad

If the reason you need to send money or receive it is due to someone going over their intended travel budget, here are some resources to help you next time:

A guide to affording travel

If you have never created a travel budget before, my Guide to Affording Travel will walk you through the steps of calculating your initial expenses, forecasting your daily budget and planning for contingencies.

In this book you will learn:

  • Proven strategies to help you save money fast
  • Advice on assessing your budget and creating an action plan
  • A 7-step guide to creating a travel budget – including a printable sheet
  • Destination-specific budget advice
  • Information on the best budgeting and travel resources
  • The travel hacks I use to save thousands of dollars

Get the Guide to Affording Travel here.

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How to send money overseas in times of need

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