Do you want to get paid travel sponsorships?

How to get paid travel sponsorships

It’s every travel bloggers dream to explore the world endlessly. Not just to travel, but to be sponsored for travel by companies, accommodation providers and tourism boards. The great news is that with current trends in technology and social media, this is a dream that can quickly become a reality (with A LOT of hard work and dedication). This is certainly my dream and something I am continually working on, in addition to the regular 9-5 grind.

Being new to travel blogging and with little to no idea of how to present a pitch, I enrolled in Georg Papps How to get Paid Travel Sponsorships Course. This course certainly opened my eyes to the world of pitching for paid travel sponsorship and gave me many useful tips that I will soon put into action. If you are new to blogging and eager to start sending out pitches for paid travel sponsorships, I highly suggest you get on board Georgg Papps course. For just $10 you have nothing to lose.

The course

The course comes complete with examples of successful email pitches (downloadable) used to obtain free hotel stays, tourist board trips, sample products, etc. These gave me a great idea of how to frame a pitch and what to and not to say in the first instance.

*I think it is essential that all students of this course adapt the pitch to suit their style

Along with the email templates, Georg has prepared videos explaining how to use the email pitch templates to obtain travel sponsorship, how to write an effective sponsorship pitch and how to locate contacts to send your travel sponsorship requests.

I found the information in the course super useful and would recommend it to all newbie travel bloggers, for just $10, why not try it out. You can enrol in the paid travel sponsorships course here.  I am just one of Georg’s satisfied customers.

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How to get paid travel sponsorships

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