How to become a ski instructor – Everything you need to know

How to become a ski instructor

If you have a passion for snowsports and dream of turning this into a career, you may be surprised at how achievable this dream actually is.

All it takes is a basic level of skill when it comes to skiing, and you are already halfway there.

The next step is to become certified or take a ski instructor internship, which is offered in countries across the world – including Canada, Japan, Europe and more.

In this article, you will learn what it takes to become a ski instructor and the quickest and easiest way to do so.

What do you need to become a ski instructor?

How to become a ski instructor

If you can confidently ski down green, blue and black runs, you will be eligible to become a level 1 ski instructor. The training program will help you perfect your technique, so you can teach others the basics.

Getting qualified to be a ski instructor

To find out more about a ski internship and check if you're eligible, visit WE ARE SNO.

You have a couple of options when becoming a qualified ski instructor.

You can choose a program that offers you a short training period with certification at the end. This is called an instructor training program.

The second option is a ski instructor internship, which coaches you all the way from training and into a job at the ski resort.

What is a ski instructor internship?

A ski instructor internship is a season-long program that works with you from the moment you start planning your trip until you become fully qualified and start working at a ski resort. 

You are offered support with your visa and planning your arrival. Once landed, all accommodation, ski passes and training are covered, and a job is guaranteed at the end of the 4-week training program. 

Additional training such as avalanche awareness and level 2 training is optional, for those looking to fast track their career. 

To find out more about a ski internship and check if you’re eligible, visit WE ARE SNO.

Benefits of a ski instructor internship

  • A Ski internship includes guaranteed employment at the end.
  • As you are guaranteed work, you will be earning money during the ski season.
  • You get a qualification and work experience so getting a job in the future will be much easier.
  • You will work with other senior instructors which will open yourselves up to new jobs and networking opportunities.
  • Support is offered with every step of the process.
  • The program is all inclusive, so it covers all your basic expenses such as training, ski passes and accommodation.
  • A skiing internship is an ideal option for those on a gap year.

What is an Instructor Training Program?

The alternative to the internship is the instructor training program, which is basically a short course with a certificate awarded at the end. After you receive your certificate, you can start searching for work or continue with level 2 training.

Benefits of an instructor training program

  • This will be cheaper but won’t guarantee work at the end.

Disadvantages of the instructor training program

  • Jobs in ski resorts are highly sought after, so it can be challenging to get a foot in the door.

The best places to become a ski instructor

How to become a ski instructor

I might be biased, but I think Canada is the ultimate destination to complete a ski internship. This is where I completed my training and was very impressed by the quality of the coaches, and the ski conditions.

If Canada isn’t achievable for you, some other destinations to consider include Japan, Europe, New Zealand and Australia

If you plan to do a ski instructor internship and work, you will need a working holiday visa for the country you are entering, so keep this in mind when choosing a destination.

Pay rate for ski instructors

The starting wage for a ski instructor is:

  • $10 USD in Canada
  • $15 USD in Japan
  • $10 USD in New Zealand

This is the rate for first time instructors. As you progress with your training, your rate will increase.

Stages of becoming a ski instructor

How to become a ski instructor

When you become a ski instructor, you will move through stages.

After getting your first level of qualifications, you will start by teaching people the very basics of skiing, including how to put a boot into a ski and how to ride a chairlift.

After you master teaching the basics, you can progress up the line.

There are 4 official qualification levels, then additional training you can do if you dream to become a senior ski instructor.

Before taking the exam for an additional level, it is recommended that you meet with your trainer and seek professional advice.

Other things to consider when choosing a ski instructor program

How to become a ski instructor
  • Choose a reputable company with good reviews.
  • Ensure your certification will be globally recognised.
  • Before choosing a country, make sure you have full visa rights.
  • Remember that becoming a ski instructor is a journey. You will start at level one, then the sky is the limit.

So, if you are looking to turn your passion into a career or looking for something to do on your gap year, a ski instructor internship may be for you.

Speaking from experience, I know how much fun the training will be. Not only will you become certified and earn money, but you will also meet amazing people from around the world and create unforgettable experiences.

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How to become a ski instructor

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