Hiking Mount Warning – Everything you need to know

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Mount Warning is the highest peak in the Northern NSW region. The hike is best described as strenuous, but worth it for the view. I have hiked Mount Warning a few times now and it never disappoints.

The Trail to Mount Warning

9km round trip
2-5 hours return

The trail starts from the top of the car park, kicking straight into a steep series of stairs. As you pass the stairs, the trail levels out to a consistent incline of long switchbacks. A canopy of dense ancient trees and greenery covers the first section of the trail. It is hard to stop looking up, but necessary as the path can be uneven, so watch your step!

The trail is a total of 4.5 km, the first 4km being stairs and switchbacks, followed by a final rock climb to the summit. The rock climb is steep, so if you are afraid of height I would choose another hike, such as the Minyon Falls Trail. For the adventurers, you will love it. There is a chain to use to assist you with the climb (photo below). My friend and I went without and scaled the rocks with our hands and feet. I loved it!

The view from the top is unreal with 360-degree views of northern NSW all the way up to Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast region. You will be looking down on other mountain tops which is surreal and possibly one of my favourite feelings.

Hiking Mount Warning
Hiking Mount warning
Hiking Mount Warning
Hiking Mount Warning
Hiking Mount Warning
Hiking Mount Warning

We smashed the hike out in 1 hour 15 minutes up and 1 hour back!


Mount Warning is easily accessible from the Gold Coast (approx 45 minutes) and Byron Bay (1 hour). The closest town to Mount Warning is Murwillumbah. I have embedded a map for you below and suggest using Google maps to find your way.

What to pack for the Mount Warning hike

Pack snacks, water, a camera, phone and a jumper (it can get cold at the top). I like to keep it simple so that is all I would take.

Facilities at Mount Warning

Bathrooms can be found at the base of the mountain.

Other Tips for hiking Mount Warning

  • Leave early – it is a full day adventure
  • Don’t forget water
  • If you take rubbish in with you, take it home with you.
  • Be aware of snakes, they are in the area.
  • Mount Warning is the first place the sun hits in the morning, making it a popular sunrise hike for those willing to wake up at 2 pm.

Book a tour of Mount Warning

From Byron Bay, you can book a tour to Mount Warning, which is a great option if you are travelling alone without a car.

You have three options:

Mount Warning Sunrise Hike – People love to hike Mount warning for sunrise as it is the first place that gets light in the morning. For all the early birds out there, this one is for you.

Mount Warning Day Hike – For the not so early birds, the day hike option is just as beautiful.

Ocean to Summit Adventure – Why not combine a kayaking adventure with a sunrise hike of Mount Warning. This also includes a night camping under the stars. This would be the option I would go for.

You can compare your options here. 

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