Hiking Mount Tibrogargan – Australia

Hiking Mount Tibrogargan

I have done ALOT of hikes over the years, but never anything like Mount Tibrogargan Summit, it was EXTREME. Mount Tibrogargan is the second tallest Glasshouse mountain and the tallest that is open to the public to hike (well climb). When hiking Mount Tibrogargan, you have two options, the Tibrogargan Loop that circles the base of the mountain and Tibrogargan summit.

Hiking Mount Tibrogargan Loop

Tibrogargan Loop is a 3km round trip hike that circles the base of Mount Tibrogargan. This would be the most popular hiking trail due to it’s suitability for most hikers. Tibrogargan Summit, is another story.

Hiking Mount Tibrogargan Summit

Tibrogargan Summit is a short hike, but an extremely steep and quite scary one. The summit hike/ climb is approximately as tall as a 50 story building. It starts with a series of stairs before hitting a vertical rock face which you will have to rock climb.  According to locals, this rock face is referred to as chicken fence as this is where most people chicken out. After you conquer the rock wall, which is the steepest section, you have another 20 minutes of rock climbing. Although it is not as steep as the first rock wall, it is still steep (photos below). Anyone with even the slightest fear of heights should not attempt.

Access to both trails starts from the car park at the base. You will start by following the Mount Tibrogargan Circuit Walk. Eventually, you will see a sign to the summit. Before breaking off onto the summit trail you will come across a lookout, below.

Only attempt the summit trail if you are an experienced hiker and have no fear of heights what so ever. Alternatively, continue on the Mount Tibrogargan circuit.

Getting to Mount Tibrogargan

Mount Tibrogargan is around an hour north of Brisbane, located just off Steve Irwin Way. I suggest following Google Maps to find the car park.

What to pack when hiking Mount Tibrogargan

Good Hiking Shoes, a backpack with water, snacks and a camera.


You will need both hands to climb Tibrogargan Summit so a backpack is a must.

Don’t attempt the summit if you are afraid of hikes.

You can do the summit and loop in the same day.

This is the steepest section of the hike

This is what the remainder of the hike looks life (after the rock wall above)

Hiking Mount Tibrogargan

Hiking Mount Tibrogargan

Hiking Mount Tibrogargan

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