Hiking Little Adams Peak – everything you need to know

Little Adams Peak

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Little Adams Peak is found in Ella Sri Lanka, a region best known for its spectacular mountain ranges, tea plantations, waterfalls and hiking trails. Before visiting Ella I was already excited about the hiking options.  Even more so after arriving and seeing the beautiful mountainous terrain.

The great thing about Little Adams Peak is that you will get some of the best views in the world, without a massive hike.

Little Adam’s Peak Trail

The trail to Little Adam’s peak takes approximately 20 – 40 minutes one way, depending on how fast you walk and how many photos you take.

The trail begins with a moderate incline as it winds through tea plantations. There are some great photo opportunities early in the hike so keep your eyes peeled.

After 5-10 minutes of walking, you will reach a set of stairs that will lead you to the top of Little Adams Peak.

You will know you have reached the top when you see Buddhas sitting on the peak.

For those looking for more,  you have the option to continue along the trail to a second mountain peak. This will take approximately 10-15 minutes extra one way.

The view is similar at the second peak but I still recommend making the effort to do both.

There are plenty of perfect rocks and viewpoints to take photos from at the top of Little Adams Peak.

Hiking Little Adams Peak Ella Sri Lanka

Hiking Little Adams Peak Ella Sri Lanka

Hiking Little Adams Peak Ella Sri Lanka

Hiking Little Adams Peak Ella Sri Lanka

Hiking Little Adams Peak Ella Sri Lanka

Getting to Little Adams Peak

The trail to Little Adams Peak starts near 98 Acres Resort.

It is a very popular hike so you will see people entering the trail and can always stop to ask locals for directions.

Packing for Little Adams Peak

The trail is exposed so a hat, sunscreen and water are recommended. And as always, don’t forget to pack your camera.

Tips for hiking Little Adams Peak

Leave early to hike Little Adams Peak, the earlier you leave, the cooler and less crowded it will be.

The trail is exposed, sunscreen is recommended.

Stop in at Bar 98 (98 Acres Resort) after your hike to enjoy lunch, the food is delicious.

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