Hiking Ella Rock – everything you need to know

Ella Rock Sri Lanka

The views from Ella Rock are absolutely breathtaking. You could even say they are the best views in Ella. If you love mountainous terrain, hiking Ella Rock should be the first thing you do when visiting Ella.

This is everything you need to know about hiking Ella Rock, plus some photos that will prove to you just how amazing Ella Rock is.

Hiking Ella Rock

The trail to Ella Rock

The trail to Ella Rock starts near Kital Ella Railway station.

You can either follow the train tracks from Ella Town or get a tuk-tuk to Kital Ella Railway Station.

As you enter the trail, you will cross a bridge and take a right turn after the bridge. The trail starts out relatively flat and passes some local homes and tea plantations.

As you start to climb the mountain the vegetation will become more forest like and the trail will begin to get steep. Half of the trail is relatively flat and half is a steep incline.

I would rate the trail as strenuous, taking an hour to an hour and a half one way.

The trail is confusing and not well marked. Many hikers get lost when hiking Ella Rock. We decided to take a guide and were thankful that we did as the trail splits many times and it isn’t clear which way you should go, and it isn’t always the obvious choice.

Although you can do it without a guide, I would recommend one.

We found our guide at Kita Ella Railway station (well in a way he found us). We paid him 5000 Rupees (30USD), which is quite expensive but for us was worth it as we didn’t want to get lost and were short on time.

Hiking Ella Rock
Hiking Ella Rock
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Packing for Ella Rock

Wear hiking shoes, sunscreen and a hat. Pack a camera, water and snacks.

Tips for Hiking Ella Rock

  • I am all for doing things myself and without a guide, but for Ella Rock, I do recommend a guide. The trail is confusing and splits many times, with no signage.
  • Leave early, before it gets too hot and crowded. If you get up and down before 9 am you won’t need to pay the fee.
  • Take water, but don’t worry if you run out, they sell water at the top of Ella Rock, near the ticket shed.

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  • Mani

    Regrettably, I did not make use of tips today therefore I become ‘victim’ in the local guides methods. For the first turn the railway since the locals insist, you’ll most likely encounter useful information which informs your you’re mainly around the incorrect path. Clearly they are very happy to help and convey you after a little off tour (and that means you don’t start to see the other vacationers) to the top level.

    Everybody who would like to do Ella Rock and reads this Make use of the guidelines in this particular publish