Guide to Tipping in Cambodia

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If you are planning a trip to Cambodia, you may be wondering about the tipping culture.

In general, tipping in Cambodia isn’t expected or required, however, if your service from restaurants, hairdressers, taxi drivers, hotel employees, and other service providers exceed expectations, consider leaving a little extra to show your appreciation.

Service employees in Cambodia are paid extremely low wages and most of the time are offered no benefits so a tip can go a long way.

The amount you tip will depend on the level of service. Those you provide exceptional customer service will be tipped more than those who don’t. In most cases, a 5% to 10% or $1 to $2 tip is reasonable, depending on the type of service. In addition, below is more information on when to tip in Cambodia, and how much.

Tipping in Cambodia

AUD to KHR Conversion

$1 = Approx. 3,000 Cambodian Riel

$5 = Approx. 15,000 Cambodian Riel

$10 = Approx. 30,000 Cambodian Riel

$50 = Approx. 150,000 Cambodian Riel

Note that this conversion rate fluctuates, for current rates as of today always check the XE Currency Converter.

Tipping hospitality staff in Cambodia

Tipping in Cambodia

Tipping isn’t expected in Cambodia at restaurants, bars, cafes, cafeterias, ice cream shops and bakeries, however you may wish to do so for exceptional service.

Tipping at a restaurant in Cambodia

There is no standard amount to give as a tip in a restaurant in Cambodia, however 5% of the bill is reasonable for average service, or 10% for good service. If your service was excellent, feel free to leave more.

Tipping your bartender in Cambodia

In Cambodia, a tip isn’t required for bartenders, however you may choose to round up the bill or add $1 per round if provided with excellent service.

Tipping at cafes in Cambodia

Again, a tip isn’t required at a cafe in Cambodia, however, you may decide to leave an extra dollar or round up the bill for outstanding service.

Tipping for counter service is not expected in Cambodia. If you see a tip jar, feel free to tip for exceptional service, however, it isn’t customary to do so.

Tipping Hotel Staff in Cambodia

Tipping in Cambodia

Tipping at a hotel in Cambodia is not required, however a small tip for hotel staff is commonplace. Tip your doorman $1 for each bag he carries to your room and leave $1 to $2 per night on your pillow for the housekeeper.

Tipping other service workers in Cambodia

Tipping in Cambodia

These are the people I most commonly forget to tip. The taxi driver, the hairdresser and my tour guides.

Tipping at the Spa in Cambodia

Fancier spas and hotel spas in Cambodia often include a service charge. If not included, 15% is a reasonable amount to tip, however you may tip your masseur or beautician as much or as you like, depending on how happy you are with the services.

Tipping at the Hairdresser in Cambodia

Your hairdresser in Cambodia will not expect a tip from you, however if you are happy with the haircut or style you may choose to tip them $1 to $2, which will be greatly appreciated by your hairdresser.

Tipping Tour Guides in Cambodia

In Cambodia, it is a good idea to show your gratitude to your tour guide by leaving them a tip of around 10%. If your guide has a separate driver, it is a good idea to tip them around $1 to $2 per day as well.

Tipping for Transport in Cambodia

Tipping in Cambodia

Tipping Taxi Drivers in Cambodia

Tipping your taxi driver in Cambodia is up to you. They likely won’t expect a tip but will appreciate one. If you feel you received exceptional service from your driver, feel free to add an extra $1 to the fair, or round up the fair to the nearest Riel.

Tipping the Airport/hotel shuttle driver

Like everything in Cambodia, a tip is not obligatory for your airport or hotel shuttle driver, however, feel free to tip them $1 to $2 for outstanding service.

As you can see, many service workers are appreciative of tips in Cambodia, so it is very important to travel with cash.

Remember: Service employees are paid extremely low wages and are often offered no benefits. A tip can go a long way in the life of a local. Even if tipping isn’t part of your culture, it is greatly appreciated by locals if you do tip when you are in Cambodia.

I hope you found this guide on tipping in Cambodia helpful. If so, pin it for later!

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Tipping in Cambodia

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