Gold Coast Lookouts that you can’t miss

Gold Coasts Best lookouts

There are endless places to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous views on the Gold Coast, but if you are only here for a few days, you won’t be able to visit them all.  Here I present to you, the best Gold Coast Lookouts (South to North).

Point Danger

The Southernmost point of the Gold Coast, bordering QLD and NSW. This Gold Coast lookout is set on an open grass area making it the perfect place to enjoy a picnic while you admire the Gold Coast skyline to the north and Tweed Heads and Northern NSW to the South.

View facing South from Point Danger

Gold Coast lookouts

Kirra Headland

Kirra Headland offers stunning views of the Gold Coast skyline at a far and views of Snapper Rocks, a world famous surf break to the South. When the waves are pumping, Kirra Headland is the perfect place to go and watch the sets roll in.

Facing North

Gold Coast lookouts

Facing South

Gold Coast lookouts

Tumgun Lookout – Burleigh Headland

This Gold Coast lookout is only accessible by foot, found at the highest point of Burleigh Heads Nature reserve. This lookout is a 20-30 minute hike and is easily accessible for anyone of any fitness level. Tumgun lookout is just one of the many picture-perfect photo opportunities within the Burleigh Heads Nature Reserve. See my guide to hiking in Burleigh Heads National Park.

 Gold Coast lookouts

North Burleigh

North Burleigh Headland is my favourite lookout on the Gold Coast. This lookout is located around 25 minutes from the NSW Border (point Danger). As you can see, you suddenly feel a lot closer to the City of the Gold Coast from North Burleigh. There is the main lookout area at the top of the hill, but also some local hang out areas on North Burleigh hill that I love spending my time at – for now, they will stay a secret.

Gold Coast lookouts

Best of all Lookouts – Springbrook

A different perspective of the Gold Coast, a viewpoint that overlooks the luscious Gold Coast hinterland. If you head out to the Best of all Lookouts in Springbrook, make sure you also leave time to explore Purling Brook Falls. See my guide to visiting Best of all Lookouts here. 

Gold Coast lookouts

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