A Guide to Visiting Gardners Falls – Sunshine Coast

Gardners Falls

Gardners Falls is an easily accessible waterfall and swimming hole found along Obi Obi Creek in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Gardners Falls is a great pit stop for anyone exploring the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The trail to Gardners Falls

The trail to Gardners Falls is approximately 300 metres one way and would take 15 minutes. This short, level trail follows the edge of Obi Obi Creek and passes a couple of small waterfalls and a swimming hole, before reaching Gardners Falls which is the deepest and largest swimming hole.

At Gardners Falls you will find plenty of space to sit down, plenty of room to swim in the fresh water and a couple of rope swings if you dare.

Gardners Falls

The trail to Gardners Falls is suitable for anyone of any age or fitness type. It is so short and easy that you could even do it in thongs or bare feet. 

Getting to Gardners Falls

The car park to Gardners Falls in on Obi Lane, off the Landsborough Maleny Road just outside of Malany.

Permits and costs

There are no permits required to visit Gardners Falls.


Toilet and picnic areas can be found at the start of the trail, near the car park.

Other Tips for visiting Gardners Falls

  • This area can get very busy on the weekends and in summer, as everyone stops in for a quick swim to cool down. To avoid the crowds, visit early or during the week.
  • Take all your rubbish home with you or put in the bins provided at the trailhead. It breaks my heart seeing rubbish in such beautiful parts of the world, so don’t be a tosser.
  • Combine your trip to Gardners Falls with another waterfall adventure, swimming hole, hiking trail or a trip to Montville or Malaney. As I said, the trail is very short so why not make the most of your time in the area and visit another attraction.  Kondalilla Falls is another nearby waterfall.

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