Common Working Holiday Jobs

Working Holiday Jobs: these are the types of jobs you can easily get anywhere in the world

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There is a diverse range of opportunities available for those on a working holiday. With opportunities available in several different industries, I am certain that everyone would be able to find a role that interests them. This post covers the most common working holiday jobs that people do. Beyond these jobs, there are many more opportunities for skilled employees.

Common Working Holiday Jobs

Food and Beverage Work

You can easily get a job as a bartender, waiter, kitchen hand or chef around the world. The majority of my overseas work has been in hospitality, these types of opportunities are easy to come by, especially if you have a little bit of experience in the industry.

Work in a ski resort

Aside from being a ski instructor, there are endless opportunities at Ski resorts around the world in food and beverage, retail, administration, customer service, events, finance, marketing and more. Working at a ski resort has a unique workplace culture that I LOVED and think everyone needs to experience.

Hotel or hostel

Hotels and hostel around the world are always looking for staff in the areas of guest services, concierge, housekeeping and food and beverage. If you are working in a hotel chain you will have the potential to transfer internationally, how amazing is that!

Tour Guide

This was another one of the roles I did while living in Canada on a working holiday. It was the best as I got to explore whilst getting paid. I was a tour guide for the hostel and led snowshoeing and ice skating tours.Find out more about my role as a tour guide here.

In tourist areas there are many tour guide opportunities, suiting those who are outgoing, good at communication and have knowledge of the region.

Brand Ambassador/ Promotions work

These types of roles are easy to pick up and are great because they usually involve a few shifts here and there with no long-term commitment required. I pick up most of my brand ambassador work through an app called Sidekicker. 

Teach English overseas

English teachers are highly sought after in certain parts of the world, such as Asia. To be qualified to teach English overseas you will have to complete a short course online. Teaching English overseas would be highly rewarding. Courses start from $190, you can enrol here. 

Work on cruise ships 

How does life on the high seas sound to you? Free meals, free accommodation and waking up in a new part of the world every day. That’s if you can deal with the seasickness.

Au Pair

If you love children this might be the perfect working holiday job for you. Accommodation is included in return for minding children and pets and some household chores. You will also receive a small payment from the host family. These opportunities are more common in Western countries like Australia, Canada, UK and America.

Flight attendant

Get paid to fly all over the world, literally. A job as a flight attendant would involve full time + hours and a lot of jet lag, but you get to fly all over the world and get paid for it.

Surf/ Ski Instructor

If you have skills in this area, why not chase the dream and work as a surf instructor in Australia or Ski Instructor in Canada. Pay can depend on how many lessons you get each day.

Become a blogger

There are endless opportunities to make money online through blogging, brand ambassadorship, sponsored posts, freelancing, affiliate marketing and more.

Become a Travel Agent

If you have done a lot of travel and enjoy planning itineraries, a career as a travel agent might be for you.

Freelance/work as a virtual assistant

You can find freelance opportunities on Freelancer and Upwork. These suit people with skills in social media marketing, email management, data entry, content creation, graphic design, web design, SEO and MORE. The opportunities to make money online are endless.

Become a freelance photographer/videographer

Last week I went on a trip with Youth hostels Australia. With me, there was a photographer and videographer who had both been travelling around Australia for 10 weeks taking photos and video footage, while getting paid. How amazing is that? If you have these skills start pitching to clients so you can do this on your working holiday,


WWOOF is a company called World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and links travellers to organic farmers in return for food and accommodation. Payment is often in the form of food and accommodation, but certain farms will offer a little money.

These are the most common working holiday jobs, that almost anyone can get without a lot of experience or education. If you are already a professional in your industry, it is possible that you can work in your field overseas as well.

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