Cheap holiday destinations for Australians

Cheap holiday destinations for Australians

There is a large misconception that big funds equal a good time when travelling. This is simply not true. More and more Australians are travelling and experiencing the adventure of new destinations on small budgets. 

Travelling exposes individuals to new cultures and soul-enriching moments that are not possible any other way. Especially on a budget, travelling will expose you to all new sounds, smells, foods and people that they may have never encountered otherwise. A 5-star hotel and a driver on call does not compare to the experiences of a new city in its raw, authentic beauty.  

In this article, you will find the best cheap holiday destinations for Australians. For cheap flights, check out Flighthub.


The Vietnamese culture is beautiful beyond compare. From the streets of Hanoi to the rice fields of Sapa to the scenery in Halong bay, there is something for everyone in Vietnam. The local people truly embrace their traditional practices and celebrations. Visitors find falling even more in love with Vietnam as they travel across the countryside. For travellers who are budgeting their experience, Vietnam is the perfect destination to travel to. The food is delicious and extremely cheap. Bus travel is cheap and accommodation is also cheap. Vietnam has always been a top destination for Australians.


Cheap holiday destinations for Australians

Bali is known as ‘the island of the Gods’. Rightly so, as Bali is so unique and immersed with a history of culture and deep-rooted Balinese traditions. Together with turquoise beaches, mesmerizing natural sites, rice fields, temples and countless food markets. The Balinese culture welcomes all who travel to its destination with open arms and is known throughout the world for having fair and affordable prices for their accommodation, transport and delicious food. This enables travellers from all financial backgrounds to wholeheartedly experience the Balinese culture and way of life. The only downside is you will never want to leave Bali.

New Zealand

New Zealand is enriched with history, nature and cultural pride. This is the perfect destination for individuals on a budget as New Zealand offers an array of activities that don’t cost a thing, like hiking, sightseeing and bird watching. The best things to do in New Zealand are free, making it a perfect destination for budget travellers. 


Cheap holiday destinations for Australians

Thailand has a reputation for having some of the most beautiful tropical beaches in the world, paired with highly opulent royal palaces, sacred temples and ancient ruins. Thailand also offers amazing food markets with delicious cheap meals, perfect for the budget traveler.

Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, has an abundance of shrines for travellers to visit, together with world-class mega malls and eye-opening museums. Bangkok also hosts at an array of colourful markets which bring new Australian travellers wanting to come back for more. 


Cheap holiday destinations for Australians

Fiji is located in the South Pacific and consists of more than 300 islands. Fiji is known globally for their crystal blue water, lively coral and marine life and breathtaking landscapes. With this, The Fiji lifestyle completely encompasses a relaxed, breezy island way of life. Which is perfect for Australians travelling on a budget.

Many Australians who are travelling on a budget gravitate to Fiji because of the friendly locals, incredible love of culture and their spectacular sightseeing attractions. The individuals who make to journey the incredible county of Fiji find that no matter the budget, their experiences have fulfilled all expectations. 


Cheap holiday destinations for Australians

 Also known as the Republic of Colombia, Colombia is located in the North of South America. Full of culture, exotic foods, music and welcoming locals, Colombia is a hot spot for travelling Australians who are on a tight budget.

Colombia is very much inviting for Australians as this part of the world is full of adventure and showcases a different way of life. More family orientated, relaxed and full of dancing! Colombia, surprising enough also offers an abundance of adventure sports, including kitesurfing in La Guajira. Additionally, if Australians are seeking, even more, exotic adventures, they have to option to visit Totumo Mud Volcano near Cartagena and enjoy a splendid mud bath.


Cheap holiday destinations for Australians

Cambodia is a popular destination for many Australians who are travelling on a budget. Cambodia is full of rich culture, must-see temples and exciting street food markets. Being that Buddhism is the main religion practised, Cambodia has an abundance of history waiting to be shared with visitors.

Australians travelling on a budget can very much immerse themselves in experiencing all that Cambodia has to offer, from food to music and outdoors adventures thanks to the affordable prices. The Cambodian locals are warm and friendly,  playing a significant role in travelers wanting to return.

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Creating a travel budget

If you are planning a budget holiday, you will need a travel budget. This will help you plan according, setting your expectations for how much you can spend each day, and what that daily budget will afford you. Thankfully, your daily budget for the destinations in this article will be quite low, but you will still need a travel budget. Click here to create your travel budget.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a necessity when planning an overseas trip. I recommend World Nomads.

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Cheap holiday destinations for Australians

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