10 Places to add to your Central America Bucket List

Great Blue Hole

Central America is an amazing destination to travel to. It is cheap, easy to get around, (in comparison to South America) and offers something for everyone. Wheather you are into tropical islands, hiking, rainforests, volcanos, wildlife, scuba diving, partying or relaxing, Central America certainly has you covered. After seeing these amazing destinations, I have no doubt that you will be adding them to your Central America Bucket List.

The Great Blue Hole – Belize

The picturesque blue hole of Belize is one to add to the bucket list.  You can take a boat ride to the blue hole and scuba dive or snorkel or you can fly over and even sky dive over the blue hole.

Central America Bucket List

Scuba Dive in Utila – Honduras

Utila is one of the Bay Islands of Honduras,  known for its coral reefs and dive sites. Utila is a backpacker’s hot spot and one to add to the list.


Sand Board in Leon, Nicaragua

For all adventure seekers out there, don’t miss the opportunity to sand board down the side of a volcano in Leon, Nicaragua. This isn’t something for the faint-hearted. You will have to hike up Cerro Negro, which will take about an hour. Then the fun begins as you will slide or surf down the 728 meter high volcano at high speeds.


Party in San Juan Del Sur – Nicaragua

The home of Central America’s biggest party and the hub of Nicaragua’s toned and tanned beaches. See my Backpackers Guide to San Juan Del Sur. 

San Juan Del Sur

Relax at Hostel Paradiso – Lake Apoyo, Nicaragua

After a few months of backpacking, Hostel Paradiso is where you need to go. The ideal place to spend a few days chilling out by the lake, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and relaxing in hammocks. This is one of the nicest hostels I have stayed in, I recommend getting a private room and heading out here to refresh, especially after partying in San Juan Del Sur.

Lake Apoyo Nicaragua

Granada Nicaragua

A stop in the gorgeous colonial city of Granada is a must. See my Backpackers Guide to Granada. 

Granada Nicaragua

Corn Islands Nicaragua

Snorkel, scuba dive and relax in topical paradise on the Corn Islands of Nicaragua.

Corn islands

Monteverde Cloud Forest

A place of cloud forests, coffee plantations, monkeys, mist, and friendly locals. See my Backpackers Guide to Monteverde.

central america bucket list

San Blas Islands of Panama

Tropical Paradise awaits in the San Blas Islands off the Carribean Coast of Panama. Many backpackers sail through the San Blas Islands on their way to or from Cartagena, Colombia. If you aren’t sailing to or from Colombia, you can arrange tours from Panama City.

Cruising through the San Blas Islands

Lake Atitlan – Guatemala

Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, offering a relaxed atmosphere and perfect views of the surrounding volcanos. This is everything you need to know about visiting Lake Atitlan.

Central America Bucket List

Here are some tips for keeping safe in Guatemala. 

Arenal Volcano – Costa Rica

No trip to Central America is complete without a trip to Arenal Volcano National Park. Arenal Volcano is known for beautiful scenery and endless adventure activities. Read all about the things to do in Arenal. 

Central america bucket list

You must add the 10 Destinations your Central America Bucket List.

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