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Things to do in Nusa Penida
Moving overseas on a working holiday at any stage of your life will certainly open your eyes and teach you lessons you could never learn at home. My first working holiday was at the age of 18, so it was a complete game changer. In just 1 year I learned so […]

Life lessons I learned on a Working Holiday

8 reasons why you should study abroad
If you’re mid-way through a degree and asking yourself if you should take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad for a semester, the answer should be, without a doubt, YESSSSS. Sure, moving abroad can be scary, you will experience culture shock and you will miss your family and creature […]

8 reasons why you should study abroad

Gap Year Destinations
Taking a gap year was the BEST decision I ever made, it was the best year of my life. For my gap year, I embarked on a working holiday in Canada. I worked to develop my skills while exploring new parts of Canada with every spare minute I had. There […]

Gap Year Destinations: The best places to live on your ...

Lake Louise
After sharing my post on the Benefits of a Working Holiday, I wanted to share some stories about my personal experience on a working holiday in Canada. During my two years living in Canada on a working holiday visa, I had many jobs. I started off in hospitality, working in […]

The Ultimate Working Holiday Job

Gap Year Ideas
If you have been following my blog for a while now you would know that I am a big believer in the benefits of gap years. I believe we need time between high school and university to get to know ourselves, our interests and what career we actually want to […]

Gap Year Ideas

Working Holiday Jobs: these are the types of jobs you can easily get anywhere in the world
There is a diverse range of opportunities available for those on a working holiday. With opportunities available in several different industries, I am certain that everyone would be able to find a role that interests them. This post covers the most common working holiday jobs that people do. Beyond these jobs, […]

Common Working Holiday Jobs

Taking a gap year
When I finished high school my parents were set on me going straight to university and getting a degree. They thought that if I had a year off I wouldn’t go back. While they had good intentions, a gap year before university truly was what I needed to find myself, […]

Don’t listen to your parents: Take a gap year before ...

The Best of Canada
If you want to see more with less money, a working holiday is the way to go. My first two overseas trips were working holidays in Canada. During both of my working Holidays in Canada, I based myself in Lake Louise and travelled around the US, Mexico and South and Central […]

Benefits of a Working Holiday

I truly believe that EVERYONE should travel in their 20’s, as far and as wide as possible (well, as you can possibly afford). Your 20’s are the time to go, read on to discover why In your twenties, you have fewer responsibilities and commitments. Go before you get that boring […]

EVERYONE should travel in their 20’s – this is why

The Best of Canada
Ever since I can remember, I have had a strong desire to travel and explore the world. As a child I would watch TV shows, dreaming to one day visit the places seen on screen:  New York, LA, Hollywood, London etc. My childhood dream was ALWAYS to be a flight […]

Why I Packed My Bags and Moved Overseas at 18

Everyone should take a gap year - this is why
There are soooo many reasons why EVERYONE should take a gap year. Despite what your parents might think, you can learn just as much from experiences and cultures as you can from an education. I’m not saying you shouldn’t study, but what’s the harm in taking a year or two […]

The benefits of travelling overseas for a gap year