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- How to send money overseas in times of need
While travelling overseas, we often run into situations where we need to send or receive money from abroad. If needing to receive money, the reasons may be unfortunate, for example, a lost or stolen wallet, a healthy emergency or you may have gone over travel budget. Or you may be looking […]

How to send money overseas in times of need

How to sleep well while travelling
Nothing quite throws our routines out of balance like travelling does. From the long flights through numerous time zones to staying out all day long to maximise your time in a new destination, travel can cause a large disruption to our sleep schedule. It is important to stay well rested when […]

Tips for Sleeping Better While Travelling

Tips for packing light
Travelling can be quite stressful at times – especially if you have lots of luggage to carry around. There are so many benefits to packing light, and although most people do aspire to pack light, it’s often not the easiest of tasks. Packing light can not only help relieve stress, but […]

Pro Tips For Packing Light When Travelling

5 Costs to Factor Into a Winter Sports Holiday
Winter holidays are truly unique. Action packed with adventure and as much skiing, snowboarding or sledging as you want, they’re a fantastic way to build memories that last a lifetime. If you’re budgeting for a winter holiday, there may be a few things you’ve left off your list that can make […]

5 Costs to Factor Into a Winter Sports Holiday

How to keep your documents safe while travelling
There is nothing more thrilling than the lead up to an exciting overseas trip. All you want to do is read blog posts, watch YouTube videos and plan your adventures. But every overseas trip should involve some administration, in the form of preparing all your important documents. For example, you need […]

How To Keep Your Documents Safe While Travelling

How to become a ski instructor
If you have a passion for snowsports and dream of turning this into a career, you may be surprised at how achievable this dream actually is. All it takes is a basic level of skill when it comes to skiing, and you are already halfway there. The next step is to […]

How to become a ski instructor – Everything you need ...

Airbnb Tips for Hosts
If you are looking to make some extra cash, why not try hosting your home through Airbnb. You could rent out a spare room, granny flat or your entire house when you are away. I rented my home out through Airbnb when I went on a two week trip to Sri […]

Airbnb Tips for Hosts – Become a Superhost

The Best of Mexico
There is certainly no rule book for travel or right or wrong way to do things. Everyone has a different travel style and that is something that should be embraced. Some people love backpacking and adventure travel, others enjoy budget travel with a slice of luxury from time to time, and […]

6 Mistakes travellers make on their first overseas trip (and ...

Carry on essentials for a long haul flight
Packing for a holiday is one of life’s great challenges. The overwhelming process usually coincides with discovering clothes and accessories you haven’t worn in a decade, but feel you may just need on this trip. Filling the suitcase can become irrational as you squeeze in as much as you possibly can, for […]

Carry on Essentials for a long haul flight

11 ways to cure homesickness (1 of 1)
Homesickness is that dreadful feeling of withdrawal you get when you’re far away from familiar people, places and routines, leaving you with emotional distress and anxiety. And that is exactly the complete opposite of how you want to feel while travelling. Homesickness can lead to travellers regretting, or not enjoying their […]

11 ways to cure homesickness

Vietnam Bucket List
Travel insurance often feels like that unnecessary (and boring) part of planning an exciting getaway. But let me assure you, travel insurance is necessary and can go a long way in helping when things do go wrong. Travel insurance can cover you for illness and medical costs, lost luggage, theft and […]

5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Travel Resources
With the number of long-haul flights I have been on lately, it is safe to say that I have become a pro at keeping myself amused on flights. Sure, they don’t all fly by quickly (pun intended), but there are a number of ways you can keep yourself amused to make […]

Surviving a long haul flight – 14 ways to keep ...

No expiry – the only gift idea for travellers that you ever need!
I don’t know about you, but I suck at buying presents. I always have and I’m pretty sure that I always will. It’s probably the minimalist inside of me that looks at things and thinks who needs that (despite the fact that most people love it). The same goes for when […]

Gifting Owl – the only gift idea for travellers that ...

Travel Resources
Making a travel budget isn’t always fun or exciting, but a good budget will help you manage your expenses effectively so that you can have a great trip without overstretching your wallet.  I’ve written up a few tips and tricks that I use when making my travel budget that’ll help you […]

7 Step Guide to Creating a Travel Budget