Solo Travel

Solo Travel tips and inspiration for your first (or next) solo journey, from someone who has travelled the world solo.

How to keep your documents safe while travelling
There is nothing more thrilling than the lead up to an exciting overseas trip. All you want to do is read blog posts, watch YouTube videos and plan your adventures. But every overseas trip should involve some administration, in the form of preparing all your important documents. For example, you need […]

How To Keep Your Documents Safe While Travelling

The best destinations for solo travellers
We’ve all experienced the struggle of trying to get a group of people together to go on holiday. People back out, money gets tight and even differing opinions can cause some of the closest friends to get angsty with each other. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has decided […]

6 of the Best Destinations for Solo Travellers

10 things travel taught me
1. To appreciate the little things in life Travel taught me to stop and smell the roses, to take a minute to look up into the sky and admire the moon and stars, to realise that there is more to life than working hard every day to get the latest and […]

10 Things Travel taught me…

I love travel
My love affair with travel was instant, from my first overseas trip at the age of 18, I knew a life of travel was meant for me. But why do I love to travel? The feeling of freedom. When you travel, you lose track of the day and time. You learn […]

I Love Travel – This is why

Travelling alone for the first time
My first experience travelling alone was at the age of 18 and I immediately fell in love. I find solo travel liberating and think it is something we should all experience at least once in a lifetime. Nothing excites me more than packing my bags for a solo journey, but I […]

Travelling alone for the first time? This is my advice ...

Tips for keeping safe as a solo traveller
Before setting off on a solo adventure, it is common to have concern for your safety. Travelling alone is certainly a scary thing to do, but is also an extremely rewarding experience that I think everyone should try at least once. To keep safe while travelling solo, there are some things […]

Tips for keeping safe as a solo traveller

Tips on how to make friends as a solo traveller
Travelling alone can seem like a scary thing to do, but the reality is that so many people do travel alone and are looking for travel companions just like yourself. Making friend while travelling alone is surprisingly easy, and it can happen in a number of ways. These are some of […]

How to Make Friends as a Solo Traveller

A guide to visiting Sigiyria Rock
Travelling alone is my favourite way to travel. My first overseas trip was solo and ever since then I have loved setting off on solo adventures around the world. Travelling alone has changed my life and it will change yours too. Here are 52 reasons why you should travel alone: You […]

52 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

I truly believe that EVERYONE should travel in their 20’s, as far and as wide as possible (well, as you can possibly afford). Your 20’s are the time to go, read on to discover why… In your twenties, you have fewer responsibilities and commitments. Go before you get that boring desk […]

EVERYONE should travel in their 20’s – this is why

My craziest travel stories!
Travelling alone is one of the most incredible experiences you can have and is something that everyone should do at least once in a lifetime.  The majority of my overseas trips have been solo, which has taught me so much about myself. You may be scared at first, but I promise […]

10 Facts About Solo Travel

Social hostels
I find that the more I stay at hostels, the more I love them! There are so many reasons why staying at hostels is so great,  here are my top 5 things to love about hostels. 1. Meeting new people The best thing about staying in hostels is meeting new people. […]

5 things to love about hostels