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Planning a trip to Peru - this is EVERYTHING you need to know
Peru is a country full of rich culture, vibrant colours and stunning landscapes. Most travellers visit Peru to see Macchu Picchu, but the country offers so much more, from the desert landscapes to the surfing beaches, Amazon jungle and everything in between. Any trip to South America should have Peru on […]

Planning a trip to Peru – this is EVERYTHING you ...

Things to do in Paracas Peru
Paracas is a small town located on the west coast of Peru. Backpackers commonly visit Paracas to tour the Ballestas Islands that are home to sea lions, pelicans and Humboldt penguins. The Ballestas Islands are commonly referred to as the poor mans Gallapogas and are a great alternative to people who […]

Backpacker Guide to Paracas Peru

The Best of Peru
I spent three amazing months backpacking around South America. I spent my first-month hiking around Peru, exploring Machu Picchu and camping in the Amazon. I then flew to Columbia where I camped on the beach in hammocks and explored the beautiful walled city of Cartagena before sailing north to Panama. Reflecting […]

12 Tips for Backpacking South America

Packing for South America - how to pack light for south america
Knowing what you need and what you don’t need can make a huge difference when packing for South America. As you will be moving around and lugging your bags with you, it is important to pack light, which is much easier said than done, but the advantages are beyond belief. After […]

Packing for South America – A Minimalists Guide

The Best of Peru
Huacachina is an instafamous village in the Ica Region of  Peru. Huacachina is built around a small natural lake or oasis and is surrounded by golden sand dunes, creating perfect photo opportunities. This is a guide to visiting Huacachina, covering things to do in Huacachina, places to stay and other travel tips. Things […]

Things to do in Huacachina – a guide for ...

The Best of Peru
Cusco (often spelt Cuzco) is a city in Peru, known as the historic capital of the Inca Empire. The city is home to beautiful architecture, abundant history, churches, artisanal markets, vibrant Peruvian culture, and delicious food. Cusco is the gateway to Machu Picchu, the Urubamba Valley and the Andes Mountain ranges. With […]

Backpackers Guide to Cusco – Peru

The Best of Peru
Nazca is a city on the Southern Coast of Peru, known best for the Nazca lines, a collection of enormous markings in the desert of Peru. Tourists most commonly visit Nazca to fly over the famous Nazca Lines. Other than the Nazca lines, there isn’t a lot to do in Nazca. Things […]

Backpackers Guide to Nazca – Peru

Things to do in Arequipa
Arequipa is a gorgeous colonial-era city found in the South of Peru. Arequipa is surrounded by 3 volcanos creating stunning views as you explore the historical town. The city is without a doubt, stunning, but there isn’t a great lot to do in Arequipa. I found you could see most things within one […]

Backpackers Guide to Arequipa – Peru

The Best of Peru
Manu National Park in Peru is one of the most biologically diverse national parks in the world, spanning the Andean highlands, cloud forest and lowland jungle. I took a 4-day tour into Manu National Park from Cusco back in 2013.  Getting into Manu National Park is a journey in itself. We left from […]

Manu National Park – Peru

The Best of Peru
Peru is an amazing country, with something for everyone. From the Andean mountain ranges to the surfing beaches of the north, to the Amazon jungle, Sacred Valley, Inca Trail, or many Archeological sites. I have no doubt you will find something you love in Peru. For me, it was the landscapes […]

The Best of Peru

Getting around Peru - Safe options for solo travellers
Because Peru is so vast and full of diverse landscapes: mountain terrain, long stretches of desert coast, and extensive rainforest, it is complicated to navigate. Many travellers, especially those with limited time choose to fly between destinations.  Another popular way to get around Peru is by bus. Bus travel is the […]

Getting Around Peru – Safe Options for solo travellers