Bucket List Destinations in Brazil
If you’re planning an epic adventure around the world, let me assure you that a travel budget is essential.   Without a travel budget in place, you can very easily spend much more money than expected (or than you have), which can leave you stressed. This is the last thing […]

5 reasons why a travel budget is essential for long ...

Backpacking Travel Essentials
The smallest changes to your lifestyle can actually mean that you can be packing your bags and boarding a plane to travel much sooner than you think! It is easy to look at changes and think they are so small that they won’t make a difference, but when you look […]

5 small changes everyone can make today to start saving ...

Planning a trip to Bali? This is everything you need to know
If you spend hours scrolling through your Instagram feed each day and dreaming of a life of travel, today is the day you should start saving. With small changes to your lifestyle and spending habits, you can be boarding a plane to your dream destination before you know it.   […]

9 reasons why you should start saving for travel now

Travel Resources
Making a travel budget isn’t always fun or exciting, but a good budget will help you manage your expenses effectively so that you can have a great trip without overstretching your wallet.  I’ve written up a few tips and tricks that I use when making my travel budget that’ll help […]

5 Step Guide to Creating a Travel Budget

Travel Resources
If you’re planning to travel long term, a travel budget is essential. Having a travel budget (and sticking to it) will allow you to have the trip of your dreams, without the stress of running out of money.   Let’s face it, there would be nothing worse than getting halfway […]

10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Travel Budget

Three ways to stretch your budget
If you were travelling around Central America and you could get a taxi for $5, or take the bus for $0.75c what would you do? If you could get a bed for $4 or a private room for $15, what would you get? By being conscious of how each little […]

3 Ways to Stretch Your Budget