Budgeting is essential for long term travel. For my step by step guide on how to save for travel, create a travel budget and plan your dream trip, click here. 

This guide will teach you how to save $6,000 in 12 months, and travel the world for over 3 months with that money.

I show you the strategies I use and I supply a Budget Assessment and Worksheet form and a Travel Budget Planner guide for you to complete and work out what it means to YOU!

See my guide to affording travel. 

Cheap holiday destinations for Australians
There is a large misconception that big funds equal a good time when travelling. This is simply not true. More and more Australians are travelling and experiencing the adventure of new destinations on small budgets.  Travelling exposes individuals to new cultures and soul-enriching moments that are not possible any other way. […]

Cheap holiday destinations for Australians

5 Luxury Travel Experiences to Enjoy on a Budget
Some people believe that luxury travel is expensive and restricted to the elite, but the great news is that there are many luxury experiences that can be enjoyed on a budget. Luxury travel is typically determined by experience, rather than destination, whether it be by the beach or up in the […]

5 Luxury Travel Experiences to Enjoy on a Budget

The Best of Mexico
There is certainly no rule book for travel or right or wrong way to do things. Everyone has a different travel style and that is something that should be embraced. Some people love backpacking and adventure travel, others enjoy budget travel with a slice of luxury from time to time, and […]

6 Mistakes travellers make on their first overseas trip (and ...

Bucket List Destinations in Brazil
If you’re planning an epic adventure around the world, let me assure you that a travel budget is essential.   Without a travel budget in place, you can very easily spend much more money than expected (or than you have), which can leave you stressed. This is the last thing you […]

5 reasons why a travel budget is essential for long ...

Backpacking Travel Essentials
The smallest changes to your lifestyle can actually mean that you can be packing your bags and boarding a plane to travel much sooner than you think! It is easy to look at changes and think they are so small that they won’t make a difference, but when you look at […]

5 small changes everyone can make today to start saving ...

Planning a trip to Bali? This is everything you need to know
If you spend hours scrolling through your Instagram feed each day and dreaming of a life of travel, today is the day you should start saving. With small changes to your lifestyle and spending habits, you can be boarding a plane to your dream destination before you know it.   Instagram […]

9 reasons why you should start saving for travel now

Travel Resources
Making a travel budget isn’t always fun or exciting, but a good budget will help you manage your expenses effectively so that you can have a great trip without overstretching your wallet.  I’ve written up a few tips and tricks that I use when making my travel budget that’ll help you […]

7 Step Guide to Creating a Travel Budget

Travel Resources
If you’re planning to travel long term, a travel budget is essential. Having a travel budget (and sticking to it) will allow you to have the trip of your dreams, without the stress of running out of money. Let’s face it, there would be nothing worse than getting halfway through your […]

10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Travel Budget

Things to do in Caye Caulker Belize
Some people believe travel is expensive and restricted to the elite. I am here to prove to you that it isn’t, travel is something that any of us can afford to do. To prove this to you, I am going to break down my weekly expenses at home and my general […]

You can spend less money travelling than you do at ...

The best of the US
First and foremost, I want to make it clear that every trip I have been on has been funded by myself, from money I earned. When I first started travelling the world alone at 18, people would always ask how I could afford to travel and assume that I had rich […]

This is How I Save Money For Travel

Barrels in Playa Maderas
It’s no lie that any backpacker wants to travel for longer. So how can we stretch our dollar to get us there?   I present to you, three (obvious) ways to travel for longer.   Travel to cheaper destinations      Obviously, your dollar will get you further in a cheaper […]

How to Travel for Longer

Three ways to stretch your budget
If you were travelling around Central America and you could get a taxi for $5, or take the bus for $0.75c what would you do? If you could get a bed for $4 or a private room for $15, what would you get? By being conscious of how each little cost […]

3 Ways to Stretch Your Budget

Thats a wrap 2017 @atravellersfootsteps
I often get asked how I can afford to travel so much, and I hear the statement “I can’t afford to travel” even more. The truth is, anyone can afford to travel, it is all about priorities. In 2014 I spent 6-month road-tripping from Lake Louise to San Francisco along the […]

You Can Afford To Travel