It feels amazing to get my first nomination for a blogging award, YAYYYYY. A huge thats to Marlo & Kristo at Along Came an Elephant for the nomination. For the last few months I have been working full time while trying to get this blog up off the ground. This has meant many sleepless nights, but recognition for my work makes it all worth it, so thanks again guys. Before being nominated I had not heard of the Liebster Award. Get ready to learn about the Liebster and award and some fun facts about myself. What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award is an online blogging award given to bloggers by blogger.  If you are nominated for the award, you answer a bunch of questions provided by the blogger who nominated you, and then you pass on the award to another 11 worthy nominees. The Liebster Award Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog Write a post to show your award Share who’s your favourite blogger/blog Tell 10 random facts about you Select 11 other bloggers you want to give this award to Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated […]

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Welcome to A Travellers Footsteps I’m just your average Australian girl that caught a taste of the travel bug and just can’t get enough. With a love for nature and the great outdoors, I am always searching for new beaches, hiking trails and waterfalls near and far. My travel blog focuses on sharing information about the destinations that I have visited and the things I love the most: nature, hikes, waterfalls, beaches, surfing and free activities. The main focus of my blog is on solo travel, backpacking, working holidays and travel tips. So who is A Travellers Footsteps? My name is Lucy Frank, I am a 23 year old Australian who started travelling the world alone at 18. I created A Travellers Footsteps to share my journey, inspire other people to travel and to provide information to other travellers. Growing up Ever since I can remember, I have had a yearning desire to explore the world. Being born and raised in Australia, and originally coming from a country town, I have always been curious as to what else is out there. My first travel adventure didn’t satisfy this feeling instead it sparked a growing passion that gets stronger and stronger with […]

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Ever since I can remember, I have had a strong desire to travel and explore the world. As a child I would watch TV shows, dreaming to one day visit the places seen on screen:  New York, LA, Hollywood, London etc. My childhood dream was ALWAYS to be a flight attendant. As I met with my high schools Careers Advisor, I told her of my dream to become a flight attendant. She urged me to rethink so I took her advice and enrolled into a Bachelor of Business majoring in Real Estate and Property Development at university. Why did I choose this program? Time was running out, year 12 was ending, I felt enormous pressure to make a decision about what my future would hold, and at the time I thought, that sounds alright. So that was that. The next 3 years of my life and $30,000 was decided by the flip of a coin, so to speak. The very next year I started my Business degree, feeling that the decision I had made would affect my whole life. I was mid-way through the semester and things just didn’t feel right.  I was extremely unhappy at a time that should […]

Why I Packed My Bags and Moved Overseas at 18

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. –Chinese Proverb And so it goes for following your dreams. We all have dreams, dreams for our future, our career, our families, travel and so on. Some of us may have big dreams that feel just like that, a dream. I have a newfound inspiration that I want to share with you, the belief that any dream can become a reality, no matter how big. The first step to achieving your dream is to believe in yourself, visualise your dreams becoming a reality, make a plan, set short and long term goals and work HARD. Then work more and more and more. Nothing great ever comes easy, so achieving your dreams will be hard work, and that’s exactly why today is the day to start. My dream My dream has always been to travel the world. Now, my dream is to make a living whilst travelling the world, a life I only ever imagined as a dream until recently. I have spent a total of 2 and a half years travelling around the world. At the age of 18, I packed my bags […]

Today is the day to follow your dreams

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How did I manage to lose 2 years of content? A question I have asked myself repeatedly for the last 3 weeks. When setting up my blog back in 2014, I was clueless to how blogging software worked. To be honest, I still have a lot to learn. I created a WordPress account where I set up my domain – My friend suggested that I host my website, which I did, not realising the difference between a WordPress account and a hosted account. Last year when my hosting renewal was due, I didn’t pay the fee as I was no longer blogging, not realising that all my content was stored with the host, not WordPress. I let the renewal expire and didn’t look at my website for the next 6 months, with 0 clue that all my blogs had disappeared, back to the state my website was in before I hosted it, which was not long after it was created. After having a realisation last month that the 9-5 life is not for me and I want to pursue my wanderlust lifestyle, I came back to my blog to the devastating realisation that it basically no longer exists. I […]

How I lost 2 years of content

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After a 12 month hiatus from blogging, I am back! Back to find that the last 2 years of content has been wiped from my website. After a week of devastation, I am now looking at this as an opportunity to learn and improve. I started my blog back in 2014, before my second trip to Canada. I was often getting asked questions about places I had been to; where did I stay, what did I do, what do I recommend? I created my blog to share travel tips with other likeminded backpackers. When I started my blog, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, which leads into how I managed to lose 2 years work. I dedicated a significant amount of time to my blog, sharing stories from Australia, Canada, South and Central America, Mexico and other destinations around the world. When I returned back to Australia in 2015, I stopped blogging. I got back onto the conventional path of getting a degree and a 9-5 job – my current situation. After almost a year of doing the 9-5 thing, I have quickly realised that this will not be my life. I was born to travel, explore […]

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