I have learnt the benefits of packing light the hard way. When I went on my first overseas trip I had a suitcase weighing 30kgs. My last trip to Bali, I had a backpack weighing 5kgs. I ALWAYS opt to travel light when I backpack and these are the reasons you […]

10 Benefits of Packing Light When Backpacking

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First and foremost, I want to make it clear that every trip I have been on has been funded by myself, from money I earned. When I first started travelling the world alone at 18, people would always ask how I could afford to travel and assume that I had rich […]

This is How I Save Money For Travel

I truly believe that EVERYONE should travel in their 20’s, as far and as wide as possible (well, as you can possibly afford). Your 20’s are the time to go, read on to discover why… In your twenties, you have fewer responsibilities and commitments. Go before you get that boring desk […]

EVERYONE should travel in their 20’s – this is why

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It’s no lie that any backpacker wants to travel for longer. So how can we stretch our dollar to get us there?   I present to you, three (obvious) ways to travel for longer.   Travel to cheaper destinations      Obviously, your dollar will get you further in a cheaper […]

How to Travel for Longer

Travel or holiday
This one goes out to all my fellow travellers, who have sold everything they own, packed their life into a bag and set off on an adventure around the world, most likely on a one-way ticket! We have left everything behind to backpack around the world, exploring other destinations and cultures […]

Travel or a Holiday?

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I find that the more I stay at hostels, the more I love them! There are so many reasons why staying at hostels is so great,  here are my top 5 things to love about hostels. 1. Meeting new people The best thing about staying in hostels is meeting new people. […]

5 things to love about hostels

Backpacking Travel Essentials
When packing for a backpacking journey, my biggest piece of advice is not to overdo it, there are so many benefits to packing light. Remember, you will be carrying your bag on your back, so packing less, but more important items, is key. Careful thought should go into the packing process as you pack […]

Backpacking Travel Essentials you NEED for your next big adventure

Three ways to stretch your budget
If you were travelling around Central America and you could get a taxi for $5, or take the bus for $0.75c what would you do? If you could get a bed for $4 or a private room for $15, what would you get? By being conscious of how each little cost […]

3 Ways to Stretch Your Budget

Travel VS education
We are raised into a world full of ideologies that force us to make decisions based upon stereotypes of the “right or perfect way of life”. But what is that? What are the right choices to make? Should we be placing more value on our education and career as opposed to […]

Travel VS Education

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I often get asked how I can afford to travel so much, and I hear the statement “I can’t afford to travel” even more. The truth is, anyone can afford to travel, it is all about priorities. In 2014 I spent 6-month road-tripping from Lake Louise to San Francisco along the […]

You Can Afford To Travel