Things I Wish I Knew When I Started my Blog

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I started my blog around 4 years ago, initially as a place to share information about destinations with family and friends. It is only recently that I have started taking it more seriously with the ultimate goal of turning this into my full-time job, allowing me to work from anywhere in the world.

Reflecting back, I have come to the realisation that when I started blogging I had NOOOO idea what I was doing. This blog covers several things I wish I Knew When I started My Blog, and several things that may assist you on your journey. If you are a blogger, I would love to hear from you with any additional advice.

  1. Set up Social Media immediately – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & Flicker.
  2. Link Social Media to your WordPress account and share everything
  3. Choose a theme for your social media and stick to it, for example travel photos, nature photos, architecture, food and so on. Your followers will want to see consistency, so deliver what you promise. For me that is travel photos with a focus on nature and the outdoors. All my photos are bright vibrant colours of blue and green with the occasional sunset/sunrise image.
  4. Edit EVERY photo! I use Snapseed to edit my photos. There are countless photo editing apps to choose from.
  5. Host your Word press account and make sure you always pay your renewal fee as if you don’t you may lose your content, as I did.
  6. Don’t get stuck on choosing the theme (appearance) of our site, you can always go back in and change this.
  7. Read other blogs to get inspiration on layout and menu headings.
  8. DON’T copy other bloggers or compare yourself. Creating a website and writing blogs in your own style is what will pay off in the end. You will never think or write like other people, so don’t try, be yourself.
  9. Write blog posts from your heart, write about topics you are passionate about, write naturally and people will connect with YOU.
  10. Post blogs as posts through Word press, not pages. Obvious? This wasn’t to me, I created everything as a page when I started out, then had to go and repost as posts.
  11. Label your photos with Key Words in the Title and Alternative Text sections to optimise SEO.
  12. Use key words in your blog title, in the heading, paragraphs and photos.
  13. ENGAGEMENT IS KEY. Connect with other bloggers on social media, like and share their photos and posts, ask questions, ask for features, attend local blogger and photography meet ups. Connecting with other bloggers inspires you, helps your social media to grow and captures and attentive audience.
  14. Block out time to respond your followers! If someone comments on your photo or sends you an email, WRITE BACK! This is all a part of building your online community. If you connect with people, they will remain loyal to you and your blog.

Blogging is hard work. There are many steps involved and it takes a lot of time. It won’t be easy, don’t expect it to happen over night. Work hard, stay genuine and engage with your followers and over time, your blog will grow.

I hope you find this helpful, let me know if you have any advice for me, I am still very much learning as I go.

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