The Best of Colombia – South America

Backpackers Guide to Cartegena

Colombia is a vibrant and colourful country filled with friendly locals and so much to do and see. This blog highlights the best of Colombia through photos of my trip.


The streets of Cartagena are full of vibrant colours and energy, just like the people who reside there. I spent my days in Cartagena walking around the walled city, admiring and photographing the beautiful buildings and streets.

Cartagena Colombia
Cartagena Colombia
Best of Colombia

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Playa Blanca Beach Cartagena 

Playa Blanca is a pristine beach located about an hour out of Cartagena. Tourists go to Playa Blanca to sleep in hammocks on the beach, eat fresh fish and relax. I spent my days laying on the beach, swimming, snorkelling and riding jet skis, so much fun. The best thing about Playa Blanca is that you don’t have to move for anything. Ladies walk up and down the beach selling fresh fruit, drinks, hats, sunglasses and even massages. I believe these ladies have supersonic hearing because if you mention something, even if no one is around, they will hear and deliver. AMAZING.

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Accomodation in playa blanca beach colombia
Fruit salad playa blanca beach colombia
Jet skiing at Playa Blanca beach Colombia
Just smile you are here playa blanca beach colombia

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