Best of all Lookout – Springbrook – a guide to visiting

Best of All Lookout - Springbrook

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You don’t get a name like The Best of All Lookout for nothing, so you can be sure that this lookout won’t disappoint. The Best of all lookout is in the World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests, high up on the Springbrook Plateau, offering vast views of the valley and lush, green Gold Coast hinterland.


This blog will tell you everything you need to know about visiting the Best of all Lookout in Springbrook.


The trail to Best of all lookout


This short, 500 metre (one way) trail is suitable for all ages and fitness types, with no notable steep sections. Along the trail, you will be exposed to the subtropical and temperate rainforest, open eucalypt forest and Antarctic Beech trees.


Expect the trail to take 30 minutes return. You will follow the same trail in and out.


When you reach the lookout you will be greeted with views of the Tweed Valley including Mt Warning, Byron Bay and Mt Cougal.


I recommend adding the Best of all lookout too any Springbrook day trip itinerary as it is such a short trail with a high reward.


Getting to Best of all lookout in Springbrook


The Best of All Lookout can be found at the end of Repeater Station Road in Springbrook. I suggest using Google maps to find the car park and trailhead.



What to pack 


As the trail is so short, you really don’t need a lot. I suggest taking a camera and water bottle. In summer sunscreen and a hat is recommended, and insect repellent could come in handy.


National Park fees


There are no national park fees for day visitors. If you plan to camp, fees apply. Find out more here. 


Other tips for visiting the Best of all Lookout     


Combine your trip to the Best of all Lookout with a trip to Purlingbrook Falls.

Drive safe on the best way to Best of all Lookout– the road into Springbrook is bendy and steep.

Pack a picnic lunch for your day trip to Springbrook.

Make sure you take all your rubbish home with you.


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Best of all lookout Springbrook National park


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Disclosure: This post on the best of all lookout Springbrook contains affiliate links.

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