10 Reasons Why Bali Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

10 reasons why Bali should be your next destination

I have had a love affair with Bali since my first trip. No matter where I travel in the world, I always end up back on the Island of Bali. The paradise island offers a world of contrast, from beautiful beach to verdant rice fields, delicious food and friendly locals. It’s no wonder that it’s a favourite amongst travellers.

If you haven’t been yet, it’s time to get the credit card out and book a trip to Bali. This is 10 reasons why.

1. The food scene

The first thing that comes to mind is the food in Bali (of course).

Food is a huge part of the experience when travelling, and in Bali, you will never be left dissatisfied.

Everything from the local food to the wide selection of cuisines and vegan and vegetarian restaurants will leave you with a list of places to eat longer than you could ever get through.

It is safe to stay that I spend most of my days in Bali restaurant hopping and eating more than I should.

Don’t miss the chance to take a traditional Balinese cooking class during your visit.

2. Value for money

One of the reasons why Bali should be your next destination is that you get so much value for money. Yesterday I had a tempeh burger and mojito for 30,000 rupees, just $3 Australian dollars. You can get a local meal for as little as $1 or you can get a meal at a vegan restaurant for $5. Very affordable in comparison to what you would expect to pay in Australia.

You can find very nice comfortable accommodation for $20 per night, or you can splurge and get a luxury hotel for much less than it would cost in other parts of the world.

3. Friendly locals

10 Reasons Why Bali Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Balinese people have to be the friendliest in the world. You are always greeted with a smile and good attitude, and most locals will happily go out of their way to help you if you need it.

Tips: Learn a few local words, hello, thank you, goodbye, have a nice day etc. The locals love it when you speak (at least a little) in their language.

4. Rice fields

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Bali is home to some of the largest and most verdant rice fields in the world. A trip to the rice fields is a great way to spend the day, and they make for great photos.

These are the best rice fields in Bali. 

5. Beaches and surf

10 Reasons why Bali should be your next destination

A few days spent relaxing on the beach is called for when you visit Bali. What’s really special about Bali’s beaches is the variety. You can find white sand beaches, black sand beaches, hidden beaches, surfing beaches and party beaches, each with their own unique atmosphere.

On the beaches of Seminyak, you will find anything you need, without having to move. You can order coconuts and cocktails on the beach, get a massage, shop for new sunglasses or anything else you may desire. The beaches in Uluwatu offer stunning cliff landscapes and some of the worlds best surf. Then you have Dreamland Beach, with white powdery sand and stunning views or you can head out to the Gili Islands for complete tropical beaches. Not to mention all the other amazing beaches in Indonesia. 

6. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

10 Reasons Why Bali Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Bali is home to some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving locations in the world. Off the coast of the Gili Islands or Nusa Islands, you will find underwater paradise. Many travellers spend a few weeks or months on the islands of Bali completing PADI training.

7. Waterfalls

Bali should be your next destination

A day of waterfall adventures should be on your Bali bucket list. You will find the most impressive waterfalls in the north of Bali, a great place to spend a few days in zen and escape the crowds that flock to Seminyak and Canggu.

8. Temples

10 Reasons Why Bali Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Bali is home to some of the most picturesque temples in the world. There’s so many of them, of so many varied shapes, sizes and locations that temple lovers will find plenty to tick of their lists.

One of my favourites includes Uluwatu Temple, situated against the most scenic backdrop, high on the cliff’s edge of Uluwatu, offering breathtaking views of the cliffs and ocean.

See more of Bali’s best temples. 

9. Yoga

10 Reasons Why Bali Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Bali has become one of the go-to destinations for yoga lovers, especially Ubud. Ubud is Bali’s spiritual and cultural capital. If you want to escape to a yoga retreat or take your yoga teacher training, Ubud is the place for you.

10. Day Spas

The day spas in Bali are incredible and so affordable. For $15 you can get an amazing massage in an upper-class day spa. You can’t get that in Australia.

You can also choose from a body scrub, manicure, pedicure, facial, reflexology etc.

A couple of afternoon on your holiday should be spent treating yourself like a queen or king.

These are the 10 reasons why Bali should be your next holiday destination. Now it’s time to start planning your trip to Bali. 

10 reasons why Bali should be your next holiday destination

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