Backpacker Guide to Paracas Peru

Things to do in Paracas Peru

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This blog is a quick guide to Paracas located on the coast of Peru. Paracas is commonly visited by those planning to tour the Ballestas Islands. If you are planning to head to the Galapagos Islands I would skip this altogether as the Galapagos has much more to offer. I will cover things to do in Paracas Peru, places to stay and other travel tips.

Things to do in Paracas Peru

Ballestas Islands: If you are in Paracas, chances are you’re there to tour the Ballestas Islands. Don’t book a tour, instead head directly to the port and pay 10 soles plus 2 soles in taxes. Many tourists arrange a tour and are charged up to 30 soles just to be shown where the port is, and where to pay the taxes. It is a very small town, finding the port is simple and there will be a guide on each boat providing information. There is no need to take a tour.

Things to do in Paracas Peru
Things to do in Paracas Peru

Things to do in Paracas Peru

Markets:  If you have all day, check out the markets along the waterfront. You will find many colourful alpaca accessories, arts and craft. 

Paracas National Reserve: Why not tour Paracas National reserve during your stay in Paracas. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the tour but wish I did, as the photos look amazing. I cant provide information on the cheapest way to see the National Reserve, but I can recommend waiting until you arrive to book, as that is how you will get the cheapest deal.

As you can see there isn’t much to do in Paracas. Personally, I would skip this town on my trip to Peru if I knew then what I knew now, especially if you are visiting the Gallapogas Islands.

Recommended length of stay in Paracas

I recommend staying in Paracas for long enough to tour the Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve. If you plan on staying longer, I recommend a maximum of 1 night.

Places to stay in Paracas

You will find many hostels in Paracas.

I can only give my opinion one Icthus Paracas Backpackers: This hostel is a family owned and operated. We were greeted with a warm welcome. The hostel is clean and safe. Overall, I really enjoyed my stay here. It is located off a dirt road about 200 metres from the main square. Although not the best-located hostel, it is not far from anything (the town is tiny) and has all you need. You will be made very welcome here. Breakfast is not included but for $7 soles the mother will cook you an amazing breakfast,

Search for cheap accommodation options here.

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Backpacker Guide to Paracas Peru

Disclosure: This post on things to do in Paracas Peru contains affiliate links.

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